It’s Time For A New Superman Video Game

The Tyuno Project: "So after Warner Bros. Interactive is done with Batman, which DC super-hero should get their own game next. Well I think it’s obvious that if Warner Bros. Interactive were to make another super-hero based game, it would have to be about Superman."

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Crazay1793d ago

i agree and they should be damn sure that it's made by Rocksteady. A company who has shown that they get how the comic-game adaptation should work.

DarkBlood1793d ago

it would be awsome, i remeber that ps3 demo of superman and doomsday crashing through a building.

but yeah a superman game must happen it would be GREEEEEEEEEEEEEAT

Thepharaoh1793d ago

The problem with a superman game is the fact that there would be no challenge unless the mission involved one of the kryptonites.After a while that would feel boring.They should make a superman game where superman gets his powers stolen by Lex Luthor or another one of his great enemies.Then he has to find a way to slowly regain his powers one at a time and when he does there not at their strongest and you upgrade them and they'll only be a t full power once you get them all. or a superman game where you face beings of similar and greater strengths

SuperSteve1792d ago

No, it's time for a GOOD Superman game.

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The story is too old to be commented.