AMD first to reach 5GHz with FX-9590 processor

The first commercially-available processor to reach clock speeds of 5GHz is now a reality courtesy of AMD. The FX-9590

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ATi_Elite1676d ago

Way to go AMD!

too bad that chip is a Watt Goblin and produces more heat than a Star going Super Nova!

Intel = Less Watts, lower temps, better performance!

on a budget AMD has GREAT Value but when your looking for the BEST Intel is your ONLY CHOICE and AMD is not even close!

Einhert1675d ago

I have to agree but a haswell upgrade......won't be happening with my machine for a while!

new PSU, Motherboard & RAM? no thank you just yet Intel

iCaruth1675d ago

You are right about the Haswell chip. It needs a new MB to work. Haswell is for laptops really desktops is just fine with IveBridge.

WarThunder1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Less watts, not much difference between intel and AMD when paying the bill.

AMD has really good temp. i own a 1090t idle temp 19-21 degree, load 39 degree.

AMD makes the best price/performance CPUs.

Take for example AMD FX 8350 cost $180 and it is as fast as the intel i7-3770K which cost $300.

For people who want great performance for good price AMD is the best choice.

RedDeadLB1675d ago

The FX8350 is nearly as fast as i7 3770k in programs which are heavily threaded, that's true, but when it comes to gaming it's competing with the i5 3570k and it rarely wins. Not that it matters though, since they're in the same price range and give out pretty equal performance in games.

And that Thuban of yours is a whole different beast than the FX-8350, and it's also quite less power hungry.

This FX9590 may be at 5GHz, but it's far from a good processor with all things considered. People with that much money to spend will likely just get an Intel i7 3820/3930k and blow all of the AMD lineup in smoke.

ATi_Elite1675d ago

LMAO! sure pretty close in some Benchmarks but when you start Multi-tasking HEAVILY like I do (even running two games at once)

Intel kicks the silicon outta AMD

then when you start over clocking an Intel it's NO LONGER a competition but more of a SLAUGHTER as the Intel's Hyper Threading starts to shine!

WarThunder1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )


I run 2 games at once using my old Amd 1090t.
The only Intel cpus that kick the silicon outta AMD are the ones that cost over $400.

Learn to read. As price/performance nothing can touch the AMD. and a AMD FX 8350 for $180 is enough for multitasking and playing all games on the highest setting. Price per frame AMD wins hands down.

And btw seeing how consoles choose the AMD. Most games will be optimized for AMD CPUs and GPUs ;)

Lior1675d ago

Does anyone realise that the intel x series is 3970x is faster than this and chip in benchmarks

WarThunder1675d ago

BTw here some comparison

Tomb raider benchmarks:

Intel 3770 k =80 FPS
AMD 8350 = 80 FPS

Intel price = $319
AMD price = $189

Price per frame AMD wins hands down.

No need to pay over $300 to play games on high setting. imo Intel CPUs are waste of money.

windblowsagain1675d ago

I have an intel processor 2500k with an amd card.

But those benchmarks are @ 80fps because of the GPU. Testing a cpu should be done at a low rez which does not involve the GPU.

But i agree, most processors these days do a very good job. Most important is a decent GPU Regardless.

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awi59511675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Get a H60 from best buy for like 40 bucks problem solved. I over clock the crap out of my cpus and they are pulling like 299 watts overclocked and they still stay cool. MY cpu was clocked at 4.8gigs and i know people that have gotten to 5. My little H60 never let my cpu get over 55c on full load so its not a problem if you have a proper power source. And if a h60 doesnt work for you the H100 isnt a bad price either because the coolers that come with the cpus suck anyways.

ATi_Elite1675d ago

I agree!

I finally took the dive into water cooling 7 months ago and I couldn't be happier.

Corsair FTW!!!

Minato-Namikaze1675d ago

How exactly does water cooling work? I always thought water and electronics dont mix.

ExCest1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

The pipes are filled with a coolant liquid (not water. Water heats up quickly and doesn't cool too well) that runs through specific parts of your system. The H series by corsair, however, only cool the cpu.

The fan and radiator are there to help cool the liquid and cpu while the liquid runs around to keep itself fresh and cool.

Or that's how I understand it.

awi59511674d ago

Its a sealed system the pipes are sealed and you dont change the liquid it flows from the cpu back to the radiator. Ive had mine for 3 years and its never leaked and the pipes are made of stiff plastic. Just google H60 or H100 you can see the set up.

Kidmyst1675d ago

Way to go AMD, wonder when Intel will hit this mark. I figure I'll need a new machine in a few years or so, and hopefully the prices of these are in my price range by then and there are some nice Mobo's to choose from.

Foxgod1675d ago

Great processor, but it once again proofs that higher specs doesnt have to mean that the processor is faster.

Strongmad1674d ago

A fair performer, AMD are making a comeback.

Most games are GPU bottlenecked, i7s are a waste ,IMO HT is overrated or at least will be untill multithreaded games improve and then native 6-8 cores will come into their own.

Ive been in the intel camp since the core2 Q6600s ruled the roost and i5's price to power was a no brainer there was not point reccomending AMD, but now on a budget AMD can give you a decent chip, greater performance is pointless if you cant utilise it.

spend your cash on faster GPU