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Call of Duty, one of the most successful video game franchises in recent years catering to 40 million monthly active players across all of the Call of Duty titles, with 10 million Call of Duty: Elite users and 2 million paying annual members.

With 9 major console/PC releases, an upcoming title ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ and an ever increasing audience, what more could the Call of Duty franchise potentially deliver?
Let’s run through some of the bigger ideas from the Call of Duty community:

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ala_7671705d ago

Wish there was a dedicated server on COD.... But they greedy!

christrules00411705d ago

Yeah and they brag about selling 20 million each game. They can easily afford it

XtraTrstrL1705d ago

That's the saddest part. It already hurt them on PC sales, because PC gamers refused to support them anymore. So, with Black Ops 2, they brought back dedicated servers, but only for PC. Basically because they were forced to just to make a decent profit on PC.

Console gamers need to have the same type of restraint, so they have no choice but to add dedicated servers. Because trust me, if their console sales dipped enough, and gamers made it known that it was out of anger for not having dedicated severs, they would add it to consoles without a question.

Pinkdolphinyfg1705d ago

Actually, on the xbox one atleast, they could very well have dedicated servers since microsoft is offering azure servers for a far cheaper price than what it costs now to have your own p2p servers. Microsoft is making a big push for the cloud and this is one of the benefits by offering developers an affordable means of dedicated servers.

Mikeyy1705d ago

Let's be honest, only first parties are going to have access to that.

thekhurg1705d ago

No dedicated servers no thanks on playing.

Nazara1705d ago

I'll be skipping this. Too many quitters trying to protect their kd. Man I had a ton of fun with Black Ops 2 before that became the norm though!

M-M1705d ago

Black Ops 2 was super fun when it came out(I wasn't going to buy another COD after Black Ops 1, but it was on sale so whatever) and everyone played like they should. Now all the games are filled with rage quitters and hardcore campers that make a fast paced game slow.

DiLeCtioN1705d ago

Rid of the rotten Host system already Next Gen should only feature quality and by quality I don't mean "Changing host" Pure Dedicated Servers only.

And I hope PS4 does not make those gamers with bad internet sign in. They steal so much bandwith within the game, it makes others feel bad about their gaming skills or worse QUITTING.

Red_Devilz1705d ago

Zombies suck. I find absolutely no fun at shooting unarmed pieces of flesh over and over and over and over again. Whole idea is super lame to me. Zombies were one of the reasons (among many other reasons) I stopped playing CoD.

JetsFool35001705d ago

So Thats Means You Stopped Playin At World At War Right? Because COD zombies Been Around For A While Now

Red_Devilz1705d ago

Precisely after [email protected] I stopped enjoying CoD. But I was still playing until Black Ops 1. Couldn't convince myself to buy another CoD after that. Thats why I said, Zombies were one of the reasons, not the only reasons I stopped playing CoD. But definitely, i stopped enjoying CoD after [email protected]

PSN_ZeroOnyx1705d ago

Zombies have been in 3 COD games, [email protected], BO, and BO2. And hardly a reason to quit playing considering it's a completely optional mode that even I hardly ever touch.

FITgamer1705d ago

I understand not liking "COD Zombies", because i was never a fan of it either or "Spec Ops" for that matter, but it's an optional game mode so it just doesn't seem like it should make the list of reasons to stop playing a game. If you don't like it...don't play it.

JetsFool35001705d ago

Exactly What iWas Thinking

objdadon1705d ago

I don't necessarily care for zombies but that's not a reason to stop playing the game. The fact that I play solo a lot and keep getting in matches on teams down by 30 kills already sure pisses me off.

JetsFool35001705d ago

COD Is Famous For Putting Ppl In Slaughter Matches That You Have No Chance In Winning Thats A Main Reason Why iDitched It

InTheLab1705d ago

Yeah...nothing like spawning right in the middle of multiple killstreaks.

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