The New Japanese TV Commercial for MIND≒0 Features the Full Cast of MIND Users

A new Japanese commercial for MIND≒0 has been released, showing off the cast of MIND users. MIND≒0 will be coming for Japan on August 1st for the PS Vita. However, a North American release date has not been announced as of yet.

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TongkatAli1795d ago

Hope this hits over 100k in Japan. The Vita is on a roll with getting its games over that number.

Kamuymintar1795d ago

Judging from the sales of Class of Heroes series in Japan, it will be 20k-30k in first week.

ajames3471795d ago

Hopefully! I would love for smaller JRPGs to really take off again and we've been seeing signs of that lately.

CaptainYesterday1795d ago

Really hope it's coming here I would love to play it on my Vita :)

ajames3471795d ago

I agree. Looks like a great game from what I've been seeing.

dcj05241795d ago

I can't get into this game. The gameplay just bothers me. But hey, the more games more buyers more devs making games.

Cryptcuzz1795d ago

This game reminds me of the old school persona games.

Not sure how I'll like the first person view through dungeons etc. Looks like I'll get a headache after awhile but I hope it does well so more devs can support the Vita.