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Why Dark Souls Is One Of The Best Games Ever Made

Improving on something like Demons Souls can be quite the challenge. Although the game did not have to create a name for itself from scratch like Demons Souls did, still when you set a standard, its always a challenge to better it. And the fact that Dark Souls has bettered its predecessor in almost every aspect speaks volumes about the developers determination to excel and make a name for themselves (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

ShugaCane  +   637d ago
I agree, awesome game. But I still prefer Demon's Souls, for purely subjective reasons. It was the first one, I was really not prepared lol
bloodybutcher  +   637d ago
i agree with not being prepared, demon's souls chewed me up and spat me out with zero warning
ziggurcat  +   637d ago
yeah, i didn't have *as* difficult of a time with dark souls since i already played demon's souls.

i kind of imagine dark souls 2 will be even less difficult (not in terms of the difficulty being dumbed down, but in terms of familiarity with the way things work) for those who have both of the souls games under their belts.
BlackTar187  +   637d ago
I prefer Demon souls because i really enjoyed walking thru the doorways to a new world.

It just had some magic about it that made it better then Dark Souls for me.

Love both though
3-4-5  +   637d ago
I wish I could get into stuff like this. It's so unappealing to me. All the darkness is so generic. I'm talking about the look and theme, not the actual gameplay or story.
ziggurcat  +   637d ago

this applies to every twit who throws generic around...

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j-blaze  +   637d ago
i wasn't prepared too but Dark Souls was better, more challenging and has great story, not to mention the huge open environments..the only thing i really miss was the maiden in black and her beautiful soothing voice, i hope there is a character like her with same voice actress in DS2
midget_gem  +   637d ago
Dark Souls 2 is one reason I am keeping my PS3, and not trading in against my pre-ordered PS4. One of the only games I have ever bothered getting the plat trophy for.
Transporter47  +   637d ago
I still prefer Demon Souls but Dark Souls is really good.
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Master-H  +   637d ago
My personal game of the generation, i played over 700 hours of it across multiple characters and i still feel like playing more. and i still play Co-op and PvP every now and then.
From software one of my favorite developers along with R* and Naughty Dog, just for this game. my only problem with Fromsoft is that they're holding Tenchu's rights and not using them ,but that's a different topic.
Blastoise  +   637d ago
Dark Souls is awesome, I hope 2 is as good and we see a Demons Souls 2 someday aswell. Praise the sun!

Just noticed..uploaded by CapraDemon lol
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ziggurcat  +   637d ago
sunbro 4 eva

edit: sadly, though, i don't think there's going to be a demon's souls 2.
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Blastoise  +   637d ago
Theres a chance, Demons souls was successful and Yoshida said he'd like to see more of the series.
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Umbasa  +   637d ago
I really loved both Souls games this gen and look forward to anything Hidetaka Miyazaki makes in the future. Demon's was my best gaming experience of all time, Dark was great too. Good times, short lived but much appreciated series for me.
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xReDeMpTiOnx  +   637d ago
I loved both games but I think demon souls was better for a few reasons remember this is my opinion.

- the bosses felt more relentless in demon souls ( besides the dlc bosses in dark souls)

- in dark souls it got to a point where you would grind for level ups but the level ups seem
To do absolutely nothing for you making it seem rather pointless

- demon souls had better pvp builds IMO

- for some reason it felt darker and much more grim
To me
ziggurcat  +   637d ago
- i remember the first time i faced the tower knight.. i think i just ran around saying "oh god, oh god, oh god..."

- the same thing with demon's souls. there's a point where leveling up has little-to-no benefit.

- i wouldn't know because i don't give a crap about PvP...

- yeah, demon's souls' tone was a little darker. the pacing also felt a lot slower.

edit: for the record, i did not click disagree...
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McScroggz  +   637d ago
I think the industry needed Demon's Souls, honestly. While I think the best game this generation is The Last of Us, I'll not pretend that Demon's Souls/Dark Souls aren't great and have one of the best communities around. Here's hoping Dark Souls 2 is even better than both!
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   637d ago
And serious question guys......

Am I one of the only people who thinks demon souls and dark souls actually weren't that hard......

I mean I'm a hardcore gamer so maybe that's why it came natural for me but I beat both games quite easy (not using pyro or magic)
ziggurcat  +   637d ago
i think the difficulty lies in the fact that the game really punishes you if you make a mistake - the fact that you could potentially get your *** handed to you by the very first enemy you encounter if you're not careful.

but once you get used to the gameplay, and you figure out the enemy's patterns, it's not that difficult. if you're really good at pattern recognition, then i can see how this game wouldn't be much of a challenge.
Number-Nine  +   637d ago
demons souls was better
Der_Kommandant  +   637d ago
The title misspelled Demon's Souls.
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Saints94  +   637d ago
Love Dark Souls. Some of the PvP aspects need to be fixed since everybody just glitches and cartwheels away now. Also this made me lol.

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InMyOpinion  +   637d ago
I thought Dark Souls was miles better than Demon's Souls.
Jiggy7d  +   637d ago
Dark Souls is the best game ever made imo....I've been gaming for 20 years ahd this is the first game i replayed 7 times and got a platinum. I am worried about Dark Souls 2 not coming to PS4, that would be a shame.
desertpunk86  +   637d ago
that's freaking stupid so a game that has unacceptable difficulty and the appeal of a person with no life becomes the best game ever made!that has to be the most stupid opinion iv ever heard.

seriously whats the big deal on a game that gives you more frustration than accomplishment!i can only see some gamer with no life obsessed with this piece of shit of a game.

japs dev creativity is dated,expired and cliche with a shit load of stereotypical gaming mechanics.
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Saints94  +   637d ago
Don't worry, games like Cod seem like your thing if Dark Souls is too hard for you.
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Koyes  +   637d ago
Demon's Souls for me. Totally unique and best game of this generation by a mile
Ragthorn  +   637d ago
Alot of people haven't played Demon's Souls, and keep disagreeing with others who say Demon's Souls is better, which I personally think so too! Boletaria was much more interesting to me than Lordran, the atmosphere was amazing, and the cursed Level 5 Swamp...
Koyes  +   637d ago
Valley of defilement was a level I both loved and hated. I hated the swamp itself, however, I loved killing the slugs nest and finding the sword of Moonlight
BABY-JEDI  +   637d ago
I really preferred the voice acting in Demon Souls, especially the guy with the scots accent. What's his name?
Lykon  +   637d ago
Arse Souls
Agent_hitman  +   637d ago
"Why Dark Souls Is One Of The Best Games Ever Made"

Amen to that..
YoungPlex  +   637d ago
I love Demon's Souls so much so that it is the ONLY game where I took the time to get a platinum trophy, but I must say that Dark Souls expanded on Demon's Souls in nearly every way. There are a few things I like better in Demon's Souls, like the Nexus or having different outfits for male or female characters that were only allowed to be worn by either or, none of this unisex crap Dark Souls has. Ultimately Dark Souls was a better game overall but I will always have that special red spot for Demon's Souls in my heart and on the floor...
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ufo8mycat  +   637d ago
Demon Souls was more challenging and unforgiving. Dark Souls was the better game though, even if it was easier.

One problem with Dark Souls is well the lower difficulty. I think the developer wanted to grab more of an audience, so they toned it down. The introduction of bonfires/checkpoints was the start of the game being more forgiving. There really should have been less bonfires.

Secondly the bosses were a huge disappointment, as their attack pattern was so easy to work out and they werent that hard to kill. The game also got easier as you went a long. To be honest, it should have gotten harder.

Some of the boss designs were poor, like the last boss on Demon Ruins where all you had to do was run to those 'areas' hack/slash then run to the middle. Boring.

Not saying Demon Souls had the same issues as above, it did, just to a less degree.

Overall though Dark Souls was still the better game.

Looking forward to Dark Souls 2 - though is it really going to be harder then they say, or is this just a lie? Their main goal remember is to sell as many copies as possible and grab a even larger audience.

Dark Souls was easier so I am not holding my breath. I bet it will be an awesome game though.
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AKS  +   637d ago
I'd give a slight edge to Dark Souls primarily for its incredibly well constructed and integrated game world, but there were elements of Demon's Souls that were a bit better, such as challenging black phantom enemies and better upgrade paths (I miss HP regen from Blessed weapons, for example). I do NOT miss limited spawn lizards and trying to get TWO pure ores for my Blessed Greatsword, however, nor am I upset to see the tendencies removed (it could be a real pain trying to figure out if the tendency was pure or a shade off, for example).
jagstatboy  +   636d ago
I've played Demon's Souls but not Dark Souls. Does Dark Souls have as much back-tracking as Demon's Souls when you die?
YoungPlex  +   636d ago
No not really bonfires are like check points but everything comes back and it still has blood stains.
kingduqc  +   636d ago
Dark souls is my favorite game this gen for sure, it's soo good.

It's been a long time since I've played a game more then 1 time in a row or spend over 200h on a singleplayer game, or bought a copy for 2 platform.

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