Has Assassin's Creed Gone Wrong?

When the first Assassin’s creed released for consoles in 2007 the game didn’t fail to disappoint. The inherent repetitiveness of the mission structure and gameplay left many gamers wanting more. A game that clearly had so much potential didn’t live up to the expectations that the hype had brought it. Enter Assassin’s Creed II: a game that arguably should have been what the first Assassin’s Creed wasn’t, it made so many radical changes to the series that everyone wanted. It ditched the bad, built on the good, and made a world that felt so real.

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Kanzes1820d ago

It should be "Pirate's Creed" than Assassin's Creed

iamnsuperman1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

I feel Assasin's creed has gone too far left field. AC1 was dodgy at best but vastly improved into AC2 and AC:B since then it has a bit of a weird identity crises for AC series. AC Revelation (I did like by the way) had some weird additions like tower defence and AC3 was just pure wrong for the series. The series just didn't fit in that world and adding to that the awful voice acting just made the game feel wooden and empty. It wasn't an AC game (I was generous in my review giving it an 8). The only thing I really can praise AC3 for is making the Templars more appealing (should have done that from the beginning) but again this wasn't fully played out

Now we have Black flag which is (like Kanzes said above) more Pirate's Creed than Assassin's Creed. The AC series had so much potential by weaving a conspiracy story in real life events but they have failed to capitalise on this and have created a B rated movie style story with random adventures between the big releases.

They need to reboot it, sit down, plan the story from the beginning and not add story related stuff later on just to pad things out because at the moment it is poorly done.

KwietStorm1820d ago

I agree with everything you said verbatim. It's actually almost weird how exact I've said the same thing to my friends. It's not like it's a 'bad' series, but they lost focus when it turned into a yearly thing, and it's just all over the place now.

theWB271820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

I too agree...but not with the reboot part. The stories didn't fall off too much either. I was actually very into the modern aspect of AC3, but that ending killed it. It was worse than the Mass Effect ending.

BTW..the yearly release isn't like a Madden yearly release. These teams are getting 2 and 3 years to work on the next game.

I am admittedly a little's my favorite franchise by far : )

Brasi19891820d ago

Huh, while Assassins Creed 3 was my game in the series I thoroughly enjoyed it (WiiU version). I did feel that Connor felt a generally generic character and feel they wasted a ton of potential due to the time period and his heritage. He just seemed to simple to have much appeal. So I agree that Connor was dull and his father more appeal i cannot comment on the other aspects of the nonrecurring games being better, but I can attest to the amount of joy I had while playing AC3.

P.S. I also agree the Desmond section was atrocious.

starchild1819d ago

I completely disagree. In my opinion each entry in the series has surpassed the previous. Assassin's Creed 3 was the best game in the series, not only in terms of game mechanics, but also in spectacle and narrative.

Einhert1820d ago

the story probably would have been better for the series if they had just actually had it take place in those time periods. The desmond sections are pretty bad.

AC3 went wrong with its story but mainly the main character was a chore to play as.

I have never felt so disconnected and disenchanted with a character before. Connor was a total and utter bore while his dad was by far the more interesting character and should have been the playable character the whole way through.

MajorLazer1820d ago

Agreed. Haytham was so amazing to play as and then the focus shifted to Connor

starchild1819d ago

I don't understand that at all. Connor was a very cool character to me. It seems like some of you have a problem playing as a native american character.

Einhert1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

way to assume it is a race issue

First of all, I am Irish so why would I ever have a problem with native Americans? I'm not some american yokel.

And he was flatline, boring and he completely lacked any emotion even in his supposed tragic scenes.

He just was not interesting and every piece if dialogue he had was just focused on one thing and he didn't display much of any intelligence so there was nothing there to make him likeable.

But don't listen to reason or me, just assume I have a problem with playing as other ethnic groups.

GameCents1820d ago

It all went downhill after Brotherhood, which was a slight downgrade from II in my opinion.

sonicsidewinder1820d ago

Only cattle will willingly buy this game.

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Heisenburger1819d ago

Or fans of Moby Dick.

I want to hunt, chase, defeat, and be defeated by some whales.

Plus I am terrified of open water. That screenshot of that shark attacking the boat got me excited.

My phobias incarnate.

Very exciting

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