F1: The Pinnacle of Motorsport. Why Not the Pinnacle of Racing Games?

Huffington Post: "This week saw the first public announcement of F1 2013, the 4th Codemasters produced game of the franchise and yet another opportunity to see how the evolution of the series has continued. An expectant time, the reveal of the F1 2013 has seen a somewhat frosty reception with a wide range of negative comments abound across the internet, whether these were justified or not, it certainly gives an idea on the wider public opinion of the series which has developed over recent years."

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Maddens Raiders1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

I love watching F1. Can't wait for the GP of Hungary, but I think the answer to this question can easily be delivered by analysing 3 things.

1.) What is the developers motivation in creating the title? (Love, money, or fame)

2.) If it's love (and it has to be) who does the dev have around them for artistic and most importantly in F1, technical support? What do you as the dev specialize in and bring to the table which separates this title from all others? Physics, graphics, content? All of the above?

3.) How much money do you have on hand or from investors for research development and marketing of such a title that will separate it wholly from the pack and make it THE MUST HAVE F1 title? Purist of the sport will demand nothing less (as Codemasters has already brutally learned in the past).

At the end of the day Codemasters just may not be able to deliver on the hype train which does deliver and is Formula 1. Did they bite off more than they can chew? We shall see.

sprinterboy1764d ago

Perfect comment, loved f1 2010, not bought one since. Nuremberg full circuit gt5 does it for me atm.

hennessey861764d ago

The f1 games are good but they are games, there re to many pad players crashing all over the place to attract hardcore sim racers. We are busy on real sims like iracing and rfactor.

Abriael1764d ago

Because it's not the pinnacle of motorsport either. There's too much technology and too little human factor in F1. The true pinnacle of mostorsport are GT and endurance races.

MajorLazer1764d ago

Agreed. In my opinion, the 24 Hours of Le Mans is the pinnacle of motorsport

Maddens Raiders1764d ago

Le Mans. Now you've struck a chord with me. This is the race of legends for me and always will be.

LoveSpuds1764d ago

I think F1 is probably the pinnacle where technology is concerned but there are many more thrilling motorsports to spectate.

My personal preference is the British Touring Car Championships very closely followed by the WRC. Also love DTM too.

Many years ago Codemasters knocked it out of the park with the fantastically authentic TOCA and TOCA2. They really captured the essence of British Touring Car racing, it was all about the racing experience.

Graphics, sound and game modes went out the window, you were offered the chance to pick your team and race a season alongside your favorites - it was amazing!

Jason Plato is a legend!!!

Rattlehead201764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

I agree with you about the BTCC! I love watching it, and some of the skill the drivers have makes for great viewing.

Codemasters have really missed a trick not reviving the TOCA series. TOCA 2 was probably the game that defined my PS1 days.

I'm more a Matt Neal fan than Jason 'Potato' though ;)

LoveSpuds1764d ago

Lol really need an agree and not agree here :) Whats not to love about Plato :)

Its funny actually, I have my faves but really like and respect all of the BTCC drivers as they are all true professionals, none of the huge ego trips like in F1.

mmj1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

It is not even the pinnacle of motorsport anymore.

The cars are continually gimped, the tracks dumbed down with huge run offs everywhere, half of the drivers get their seat by paying and then cause accidents every other race. F1 drivers aren't even allowed to race and have overtaking aids for simple overtaking, spend 90% of the races driving slowly to save tyres/fuel.

F1 has become to motorsport what wrestling (the WWE kind) is to professional fighting, it's about money that's all.

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