Video games helped push away my suicidal thoughts

Pixel Enemy: How video games can help someone take a different outlook on life and how it can help stave off suicidal tendencies.

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Ksar1673d ago

Sony gave me a happy life with Playstation. God bless them.

alien6261673d ago

video games had made my life happier on down times.

hennessey861673d ago

They are seen in the media in a negative light, but there are plenty of good things being done in the gaming industry.

JunioRS1011673d ago

I really like this article, and I know where the author is coming from.

There's nothing quite like being immersed in a world where you're the HERO instead of just another loser.

It's another reason I'm glad graphics are improving in such a way as to correctly capture facial expression and AI personalities.

Side note: I also like anime shows for this reason, because they always deal with extreme emotion and heroism. Some anime really hits home, because I love seeing the incredible strength of characters, and also the strength of their relationships to one another.

NarooN1673d ago

Gaming is literally a way of life. There were various times over the many years where I was pretty depressed, and gaming, music, and cartoons I used to watch would usually lift me out of those downpoints or at least make me feel better. Being able to be completely and utterly immersed in something like this is great treatment for some cases of depression, I'd say.

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