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The Last of Us is a great game, with a fantastic story and cast of characters set in well realistic post-apocalyptic world. The only major downside of the game is that the gameplay is average, not terrible but not something you want to write home about.

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corvusmd1793d ago

Wait a sec....nearly everyone that has played this game says the MP features of it are a waste....this guy has the same impression of the SP game that I's beautiful and Characters/story are done well, but then he goes on for like 3 paragraphs or so about how the combat/gameplay is rather how is this a 95 out of 100? I liked the game, but I would have scored it 80-85 out of 100. To me the gameplay was rather similar to Tomb Raider except Tomb Raider did a much better job and allowed for more exploration.

KwietStorm1793d ago

Tomb Raider? What did you just say?

corvusmd1790d ago

Yes, Tomb Raider, you should try it and you will see. It has relatively similar gameplay except MUCH better done. The acting and story telling is almost as good in Tomb Raider. Last of Us was a great game, and I'll even say my favorite PS3 game, but it's not nearly as incredible as the hype. It game out at a time where it had no competition, so people are over-exaggerating how great is also seems a little ironic how it's right when we are talking about new consoles and it gets used to "prove" that Sony has better exclusives. It's good game even great, but let's stop over-exaggerating this please.

xReDeMpTiOnx1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Last of us set the bar for story telling and writing etc for upcoming games.

Fantastic job ND

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hardcorehippiez1793d ago

just love the online on this game . addicted

BlackTar1871793d ago

yea me too.

Didn't expect it at all TBH.

hardcorehippiez1793d ago

the only other game that captures the tension that you feel when your the last man standing in your team is socom. the pace of it is great and if you play smart you can lay traps then lead you're opponents into them . its great and i love the pacing of it. can be played fast but you have to be quick aim or else your dead. looking forward to the dlc when it comes.

CaptainYesterday1793d ago

Can't wait for the DLC hope it's something really amazing, I really love the universe Naughty Dog created. I'm actually reading The Last of Us American Dreams #2 right now it's a really good comic, in case you don't know American Dreams shows us what Ellie and Riley were doing prior to the events that take place in the game.