Basement Crawl: PlayStation 4’s Spy vs. Spy

IGN: "Bloober Team is a Polish developer that’s been toiling away on various platforms for several years. A-Men, it’s PlayStation Vita game, is probably its best-known project, and today, we’re allowed to reveal more about the studio’s maiden PlayStation 4 project called Basement Crawl."

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Angeljuice1491d ago

Looking forward to this (loved spy vs spy). The character art direction looks good, nice to hear its aimed towards a more hardcore audience.

Rhaigun1491d ago

It looks creepy, if anything else.

1491d ago
XtraTrstrL1491d ago

Yeah, Spy vs Spy was an awesome game. Would really love to see some in-game pics/vids already.

ziggurcat1491d ago

spy vs. spy on the commodore 64 spy vs. spy?

Angeljuice1491d ago


Yes the c64 game (also on other systems).

BitbyDeath1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

Is it me or are their a lot more Indies coming out of the woodwork lately?
Looking forward to this

ziggurcat1491d ago

considering sony's push to support indies, it doesn't surprise me.