100,000 People Play Gran Turismo 5 Every Day

GT5 continues a high level of player engagement, nearly three years after its release.

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mewhy321739d ago

Easily the best racing sim ever. Only available on PS3.

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hennessey861739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

It's not even the best sim on consoles, race pro still has the best physics of any console sim. Gt5 doesn't simulate lift off over steer, tire width and temps, the tire model is basic, do a full bore start in a cobra off the line and it just goes straight on, try it in real life and you will be going round in circles and what's with GTs clutch model. Not a sim by any standards. I no ill get a load if disagrees, but at the end of the day I've been sim racing along time and gt5 to any true sim guy is poor.

Tsukuyomi1739d ago

GT the best deal with it your opinion is worthless

The_KELRaTH1739d ago

It may not be a sim in it's extreme but it plays very well, has excellent graphics while maintaining decent framerates and draw distances, has a huge amount of content, user host lobbies have plenty of variations to keep races interesting and it's still being supported by the dev team with weekly events.

In the end GT5 is about balance within hardware limitations and appealing to a wide audience.
As there are still so many still playing the game it would seem they got it about right.

Simbin have created some fantastic race games over the years but I found the best sound effects are in EA's Shift and one of the best for tyre feedback was Race Driver 2/3 as you could feel the tyre, car jolting violently as it lost/gained grip as the car slide around the corners - none of this sliding on ice feel.

Larry L1739d ago

I agree with a few of your critiques. No lift off oversteer, basic tire model, garbage clutch. I disagree with a few others. It does model tire temps, hence having less grip when your tires are cold, and the temp:grip rate is on each tire no just a general less/more grip thing. You're saying here now that irl people can't do a straight line smoking start in a Cobra? I've seen people do it many times all over TV car shows....and not prodrivers I say you're wrong on that.

And you talk like GT5 doesn't simulate anything well, which is BS, because your critiques are really the only things it's missing to be a true, full-on simulation. And I think pretty much all of that is greatly improved or now in with GT6. But GT5's suspension model is very good (but has room to improve) and weight transfer is perfect, The aero model is good too, though it's just kind of a shame the exaggerated drafting can't be turned down in the campain racing, only in online lobbies.

hennessey861739d ago

@CLUNKYD-Compared to the best it is very poor, you are all probably taking this personal. Which is funny because I must have spent at least a 100 hours on GT5 and absolutely loved it, but it isn't a proper sim, just have a go of iracing and then tell me GT stacks up to it.

orakle441738d ago

I love all the disagrees from people who have only played gt/forza and have never played a true computer sim.

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orakle441739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Definitely not the best racing sim ever, not even the best sim to hit consoles. So far the most realistic sim is iRacing. Dont get me wrong I love the GT series, always have, but its not a true sim compared to what the computer can offer. If you've ever played iRacing, you'll know.

hennessey861739d ago

It's iracing without a doubt, I love the structure and the fact that causing incidents and driving badly has a negative effect on your iracing career. The physics and force feedback are second to none and as soon as assetto corsa is released I am set for the next few years. Can't wait until Tuesday for the skip barber to get the new tire model and weather effects are coming.

chikane1739d ago

are you serious... i don't think a incomplete game should be call the best racing sim ever..

1-The whole premium and standard cars is ridiculous.I bought a full game.Not a game with 800 ps2 graphic cars...

2-No brakes upgrade which is really stupid...

3-Bad graphics in most tracks

4-Main menu sucks

i can only think of those right now. seen i just wanna forget this garbage even existed

ovnipc1739d ago

Forza its better. Wayyy better.

harrisk9541739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Except Forza is not a "true" sim... it is more arcady than GT.

NioRide1739d ago

Harrisk, GT is missing way to much in the phsyics department to be considred a "true" sim.

NioRide1739d ago

Sorry but its hardly the "best".

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Maddens Raiders1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

I'm "playing" GT Academy 2013 right now (I keep my Vaio right next to me on a dinner table), but GT5 will be on after this. I love interacting with all of the friends I've made from all over the world and learning/sharing new techniques and race data in GT5.

No other title has kept me this engaged and wanting more for so long than GT5, considering how long ago it was released. It's really amazing how well it's supported and having a gamer/driver enthusiast in Kaz at the helm boosts it even higher in that department. You really start to see why Gran Turismo is "Sony's baby" because it's still like a new title in many respects to me, years after its launch.

Gran Touring1739d ago

Man I wish I had more time to go back to GT5. I'm away from home so often because of business and its been over a year since I've had time to truly sit down and spend time with it. My G27 is getting more than just dusty, it's probably starting to rust lol

Maddens Raiders1739d ago

Man.... I know exactly how you feel. I travel on business a ton as well and have had to pack up my PS3 and take it with me, but only to grind B-Spec from a hotel room or corporate apt for extra money for me and my mates lol.

This is the first time in years I've been home to actually participate in a GT Academy so I'm taking full advantage! Here's hoping you get back to the tarmac and your wheel soon!

Gran Touring1739d ago

thanks pal I'll probably miss out on GT:Academy (again) this year since prelims end this week? but I'll definitely have time to hit the track when GT6 rolls around this December

Maddens Raiders1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Yup Academy ends on the 28th, but they'll keep GT6 demo open until end of August from what I've read. Anyway yeah you should be enjoying GT6 this winter for sure. I don't know what your traveling conditions are like but you should consider becoming a mobile gamer like me.

I can pack all my gaming gear into my SwissGear backpack and my 27" flat screen monitor is small enough to stow in a medium sized travel bag or carry in one hand when I need to get through the airport! I've done this for years now, so I've gotten quite good at it.

king_george1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

My very first GT game :) I just bought it last week. I'm such a noob lol but I'm loving it so much:) tons of fun

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