5 Games To Help You Survive The Heatwave

Gary Swaby of writes: As I sit here in my vest and shorts sweating away half of my body fluid, the realisation hit me that the past two weeks have most likely been the hottest ever in the United Kingdom. There has been record braking temperatures of up to 33.5C (92.3F) at Heathrow and Northolt in London thanks to the heatwave.

I'm in the mood to game, but I'm just too damned hot to have the patience for it. But wait, there are games that can help me survive this ungodly heat. Five of them come to mind as I type this, and perhaps you (the reader) will help us discover some more heat drenching video games.

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SwiffEpics1698d ago

This is the first article where it would feel weird to get a high level of degrees. 0__0

MrKennedy1698d ago

This is a great article about temperatures and games.

mewhy321698d ago

Well the pool, cold drink, some music, beautiful girl, and my pet dog. Now that's a cure for the heatwave baby.

theWB271698d ago

Record breaking temps at 92 degrees. Crap, I live in the desert and in the summer it gets upto 120 degrees for the summer. Palm Desert is a oven during the summer.

Good games though...only haven't played SSX.

1698d ago