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Five Sequels We Must Have Next Gen

Junkie Monkeys: I have been doing some reflecting on a lot of console gaming and remembering some of the awesome experiences I’ve had over the years. Looking at my collection I realize that there are multiple games that deserve sequels that should be released, or at the very least, revealed for the next generation of consoles! (Def Jam: Fight for NY, Demon's Souls, Heavenly Sword 2, Parappa The Rapper 3, PC, PS4, Red Dead Redemption 2, Wii U, Xbox One)

The_Truth_24_7  +   633d ago
Agree/bubble up if you just looked at the "related tags" and not clicked the link to find out which 5.
ATi_Elite  +   633d ago
Worst List EVER......or at least Today!

Red Dead will be Red Dead Revolution or something

Heavenly Sword 2 is a GO (Although Sony will deny it but it will Happen)

Demon Souls 2 is GUARANTEED

Def Jam = No way (Todays Rappers suck, Drake's special move would be throwing Champagne Bottles, come on no one wants to play that)

Parappa the Rappa 3 = coming to an iOS soon!

a better list:
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2
Kingdom Hearts 3
Star Wars Battlefront 3
anything made by Valve including that Half Life game!

(come on Guys you already Know Fallout 4 is in the works)
Gildarts  +   633d ago
Screw you, Def jam is awesome.

Also Kingdom Hearts 3 and Battlefront 3 are already confirmed.

Wait a sec? "kingdom hearts "3", Battlefront "3""

3..3...3...O..M..G!! Half life 3 confirmed!
ForgottenProphecy  +   633d ago
Red Dead Redemption 2 would be awesome. Maybe revolving around his son (Jack? I think it was Jack)
ATi_Elite  +   632d ago
Red Dead Revolver
Red Dead Redemption
Red Dead R (something) I guarantee!
Psychotica  +   633d ago
RBlue_Desire  +   633d ago
Beyond Good and Evil
Bulletstorm (lol)
Alpha Protocol. (it only needed more polish....)
AsimLeonheart  +   633d ago
I want Legend of Dragoon 2, Chrono Break, Xenogears 2 and Vagrant Story 2. :-( Anybody else with me?
MWong  +   633d ago
Would love some new RPG's.
KOOLWIIP  +   633d ago
starhawk 2 & last of us 2
Kran  +   633d ago
I'm guessing by the tags, its:

Red Dead Redemption 2
Heavenly Sword 2
Def Jam game
Parappa the Rapper game
and Demon Souls 2

WELL. That's save me a click on a list that's... kinda dull... I mean.. I'd like RDR2, but it wont be called that. Red Dead Redemption was the sequel to Revolver, so redemption is the 2.
ANIALATOR136  +   633d ago
truechainz  +   633d ago
Yeah maybe an open world def jam game would be awesome. Or something reminiscent of streets of rage.
MWong  +   633d ago
Red Dead Redemption 2, Demon Souls 2 should be made for sure. I don't know about a Def Jam 3, maybe if EA did a Saint's Row type open-world gang fighting game.
PositiveEmotions  +   633d ago
Heavenly sword 2 is the one i want to see the most
shadowmist13  +   633d ago
Bully 2 and what about fallout 4!,thats the 2 I want the most.
qu1ckset  +   633d ago
Other then red dead that list is lacking!
BosSSyndrome  +   633d ago
Red dead? Plz. It's all about that young Wii Music 2.
kingrev  +   633d ago
You stole my heart with def jam <3
Picnic  +   633d ago
Jet Set Radio Future.

The closest I see to that is Sunset Overdrive.
_FantasmA_  +   633d ago
Half Life 3
Craigatorian  +   633d ago
Fallout 4 & Persona 5
LiarasBoobs  +   633d ago
Mass Effect 4
aLiEnViSiToR  +   633d ago
Cant wait for Mirror's Edge... but there are alot GREAT games that NEED sequels, like Half-Life, Fallout, Mass Effect, Dragon Age etc.
SoCalledMe  +   633d ago
New rainbow six
new deus ex
beyon good and evil 2 *_____*
a new jedi academy game ( jedi outcast was , for its time, something rly special )
half life 3
next gen Mortal Kombat
and Fallout 4
maybe a proper made next gen F.E.A.R reboot back to its horror roots
oh and a new Alan Wake , thats a must
H0RSE  +   633d ago
Baldur's Gate 3 - end of debate.
DeletedAcc  +   630d ago

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