RuneScape 3 Officialy Launched Today

Jagex, the createors of RuneScape mmorpg announced the global launch of the the game next chapter RuneScape 3.

Runescape 3 features player-driven dynamic events that will shape both content and lore. Battle of Lumbridge, the first gaming experience forged by players will also be available.

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3-4-51553d ago

It's free. But it's browser based? eww. looks cool though

CaptainYesterday1553d ago

I played it a long time ago I was in grade 7 or 8 I really loved it back then it was fun also free. It's pretty crazy how there's a Runescape 3 might have to see if my old account works!

Wenis1553d ago

Its been browser based for over 12 years now...

minimur121553d ago

12 years?!?! damn i feel old.... I'm only 18... that's not old, right?

but then again when I was 14 I did think- 'Man he's 18? thats quite old...'


Hufandpuf1553d ago

I remember playing this game so long ago. Looks like they've changed so much

TekoIie1553d ago

Holy crap Runescape? That brings back good memories playing this as kid with friends :)

I think I'll check it out and see how much its changed.

Ilovetheps41553d ago

I used to play this forever ago. I have a question though. Does your character reset between the two games? Or does all of your progress carry over?

Thanks in advance if anyone can answer this.

Asuka1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

your character from runescape2 carries over to runescape3. rs3 is simply replacing rs2, so everything carries over from rs2. rs3 is just an engine upgrade basically.

Ilovetheps41553d ago

Oh okay. I really appreciate the quick response.

FlyingFoxy1553d ago

Still play on my account i registered back in 2002 just before i moved to 128k broadband!, RS and worms 2 were practically all i could play on dial up. Then broadband made fps games playable so moved onto RTCW and SOF2, first time getting pings below 100 and total smoothness was awesome.

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