Dracula will do things "you disagree with" in Lords of Shadow 2

GR-UK writes: We caught up with Enric Alvarez, creative director of Lords of Shadow 2, to talk about nailing the character of Dracula - one you'll see "do questionable things" according to the director.

"What I can say is that Dracula in this game is going to do things that you are going to disagree [with]. We are insisting in presenting a character that is the Prince of Darkness for real. You don't earn [that title] for nothing. So we are trying to be very very clear about that this time you have the villain as the main character.

"He's got to be a complicated, often contradictory character. We hope people are going to identify, empathise, with this character. But this doesn't detract from the brutality he's going to show."

We also talk to him about the massively expanded combo system ("we have three different weapons - with three different combo trees associated to each one of them"), the decision to move to free camera control ("honestly speaking this was something the f...

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rezzah1825d ago

if you recall the words of Laura in LoS DLC you will know this. Plus Dracula isn't human.

Fakdafakinfakerz1825d ago

I don't mind sucking some blood...

CrossingEden1825d ago

soooo, basically he's kratos vampire style?

CrossingEden1823d ago

obviously, i was saying that the way they are describing him is basically how someone would describe kratos

rezzah1823d ago

There is a difference in the conception of characters.

Saying "kratos vampire style" belittles the name and feelings/meaning associated with "Dracula".

Your first comment isn't specific enough to show the meaning given in your second comment. That is where the misunderstanding occurs.

Kratos is seen as a man who lost everything and was never allowed to be free from his suffering. We are more able to compare ourselves to Kratos than Dracula because he is human. In a sense, it is more understandable to see Kratos's actions as more humane.

On the other hand, Dracula isn't human. His actions would defy our morals, they would appear to be more disturbing based on who/what he is.

1825d ago
Tdmd1823d ago

Game looks badass, can't wait!