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IGN: ''While there's a lot to like about the visuals and the subject matter, Microsoft's Roman-era third-person action game for Xbox One did not, by many accounts, demo well at E3 last month. For an epic focused on visually stunning cinematic melee combat, the seemingly scripted combat sequences left me and many other gamers feeling less than enthusiastic. The developers of Ryse immediately assured me that the combat is varied and dynamic, but after seeing and playing the demo at Comic Con, I'm not sure the message is coming through.''

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Smoovekid1797d ago

Looks good but will it have good gameplay.

mewhy321797d ago

Well it does look pretty good. I mean Crytek are very talented at extracting the most from the least. But the game is jammed pack full of QTE's. Not enough free play action and too much .. push X, push Y, Push A. Sure they can do better.

fossilfern1797d ago

Lets be fair here the QTEs in this game are optional just like God of War which this looks to be a clone of. It may not of been all too obvious in GoW, other than some enemies where the icon will be above their head.

I dunno where this double standard from everyone is coming from.

die_fiend1797d ago

The combat just looks really sloppy and heavy on qtes. Looks so easy and as with all Crytek games, their speciality: soulessness

devwan1792d ago

@fossilfern "Lets be fair here the QTEs in this game are optional"

No, the completion or participation in them is optional - basically you can sit and watch the game play out or you can participate in pressing buttons when prompted.

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thetruthx11797d ago

This game shows what next gen systems can do. This is the most stunning game graphically and I'm betting the gameplay is good too it already has promise. You haters won't stop this game from praise

Thirty3Three1797d ago

Sounds an awful lot like God of War...

Becuzisaid1797d ago

I thought it was supposed to be Xbox's God of War until I watched a video of it. It looked so boring!

Visually impressive? Yes. But there didn't seem to be a lot "under the hood" in the gameplay department.

Thirty3Three1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

I haven't seen really anything of it, besides the reveal trailer during E3, or whatever conference that was with the Xbox1 revealing.

I can't say it looked good at all. I mean, If you're into that Age of Empires thing, I'm sure you'd enjoy it. But it looked really bad in my opinion.

(Before you disagree, guys, remember, I've stated, "IN MY OPINION". Yes... those exist!)

And even despite stating, "Before you disagree, guys, remember, I've stated, 'IN MY OPINION'.", people are downvoting. Seems like some real blind fanboys...

Mainsqueeze1797d ago

people can still disagree with your opinion.

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TemplarDante1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

QTEs and win even if you get them wrong. Its a casual gamers wet dream. and a huge joke too.
@Colzer, this game has nothing going for it except pretty graphics. Are you expecting a great story or great gameplay mechanics from Crytek? lol. never.

Colzer011797d ago

PS fanboy logic:

Heavy rain: OMG, I f**** love this game!!

And almost all PS3 exclusives have more qte and cutscenes than actual gameplay too lol

WeAreLegion1797d ago

Heavy Rain isn't an action game. It's an interactive film, essentially. And the mechanics changed through the game, even if they were QTE's. You never knew what mechanic you would be doing next.

loulou1797d ago

we are legion

i got heavy rain for my partner. and even she got bored with it after a while. no matter what way you spin it, heavy rain was just a qte fest.. and boring.

Colzer011797d ago


Crytek said Ryse is a "cinematic" games that took place in past-Rome.

QTE is QTE, no excuse. I love Heavy Rain, and I'm gonna love this game too.

corvusmd1797d ago

They are doing the same thing with the upcoming beyond two souls too, despite the fact that THAT game is usually getting really bad previews.

WeAreLegion1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

If you and your partner didn't enjoy it, that's fine. It just sucks that you couldn't enjoy the experience. It's fantastic. My girlfriend at the time borrow it and played through it three times before giving it back. The people I know love it.

@corvusmd - Bad previews? What?

thetruthx11797d ago

@Colzer01 I thank you so much for this post that proves the double standard. Sony fanboys you can't say this game is bad based off Qte's when your beloved Heavy Rain had tons of them, GOW did too. This game with the qte's looks better than any game on the ps4.

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XboxFun1797d ago

You played the game Templar? The game has just as many button executions as God of War did. You people are getting confused with the meaning of QTE.

But this should be expected with buzz words around this place.

givemeshelter1797d ago

Yet SOME people LOVED Heavy Rain and that game was full of QTE...
Now... to be the devils advocate... If this were an EXCLUSIVE game to the PS4, would N4G community bag on this game as hard? I think we ALL know the answer to that ;-)

Fireseed1797d ago

The promise of what the late game holds when you command an army while still being on the front line holds a lot of promise, but I'd like to see some of it before I take the dive.

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