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Another Castle: "I said a while back around the Wii U launch that Pikmin 3 was the system seller for me. I bought one a little while ago ready for Pikmin 3, and I’m not disappointed that I did. This is the best game on Wii U and certainly one of the best games released this year, but there are aspects of it that will disappoint fans of the series."

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Tacticismro1770d ago

Lots of news on Pikmin XD!

chadboban1770d ago

Review score is 4/5 not 3/5. Someone please change it.

Venox20081770d ago

yep its 4\5 ..someone tried to troll or just made a mistake :)

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MNGamer-N1770d ago

Oh yeah. QUICK, DUCK! sweet WiiU game incoming!