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Unexpectedly for a game about being a squat little extraterrestrial on an alien planet, Pikmin 3 evokes a subtle, sweet nostalgia for its foreign world. Exploring its miniaturised woodlands and ponds recall childhood autumns spent kicking through leaves, or summer afternoons digging through soil to examine the bugs at the bottom of the garden. This beautifully organic planet is home to wonderfully inventive creatures unlike anything we have on Earth, but there’s still just enough familiarity to raise a smile when the aliens rechristen things like plums, grapes, and lemons as Lesser Mock Bottoms, Dawn Pustules, and Face Wrinklers.

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Tacticismro1825d ago

Lots of news on Pikmin XD!

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Zechs341825d ago

Only negative I see (if true) is the length. I really wish it could be played longer or has a lot of re-playability. Cant wait to use my WiiU again!

3-4-51825d ago

Keeps you wanting more and almost guarantees a 2nd and 3rd playthrough.

There are always a few small faults in Nintendo's games but they always know how to make games fun. And games being fun is/are the most important thing about gaming.

Fun>Gameplay>Story>G raphics

Mr-SellJack1825d ago

Let me correct u
Story>Gameplay>Fun>G raphics

Abdou0231825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

@ 3-4-5

You got the formula perfectly right !

_QQ_1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

@bisuitlover,how can you put story over gameplay and fun? These aren't Movies.

_QQ_1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Fun>Gameplay>Level Design>Originality>repla y value>Music>Style>Sto ry>Polish>Graphics.

ritsuka6661824d ago

In order for me:

Art style>music>fun>gamep lay>engine>graphics.

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Qrphe1825d ago

Pikmin games have always had a lot of re-playability. The first Pikmin can be beat in a few hours yet I've spent tens and tens of hours in it.

ritsuka6661825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Again,God Shigeru Miyamoto creates another masterpiece. Can't await for August 4 release.

Becuzisaid1825d ago

There you go Wii U fans. Enjoy.

MegaLagann1825d ago

I swear if anyone complains about this game getting and 8.8

3-4-51825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Yea an 8.8 is a really good score.

And yes 8.8 is different than 9. Had the game been 20 hours maybe it would have gotten the 9.

Too many scores of 9+ are given out these days and it's refreshing to see an 8.8

It means it is a great game with very few flaws and will probably appeal to almost anybody even if you aren't a fan of the genre or other games.

Wouldn't buy a Wii U just for this game, but add in MK8, LoZ, SSB, + Mario and yea I'm getting a Wii U eventually.

chadboban1825d ago

Dat gamespot Zelda score... ugh. I get bad flashbacks just hearing about it. The reaction to that score back in the day was just ridiculous.

_QQ_1825d ago

Or the reaction to any low TLOU scores.

MegaLagann1825d ago

As bad as the Zelda reaction was, I could somehow see why people reacted like that. Twilight Princess was being built as the greatest game EVER (I remember hearing this all the time) so anything lower than a 11/10 would be blasphemy.

The reaction to TLOU polygon review was so over the top. It actually brought up some legitimate gripes with the game but of course everyone knew it was a bulls*it review because they knew polygon was wrong... despite the game not being out yet.

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