Pikmin 3: Will It Save WiiU?

VideoGamer: "Even reading that title makes the whole argument seem preposterous. A disastrous console launch suddenly turned around by a second-tier Nintendo threequel? Not very likely, is it? Or is it?"

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Tacticismro1705d ago

Lots of news on Pikmin XD!

chadboban1705d ago

No, not on it's own. But it's a damn good start on the road to get there.

showtimefolks1705d ago

this is a good start but wiiu needs more games, that's the only thing that could save the wiiu right now

ChickeyCantor1705d ago

That's what his "Good start" was implying...

Narutone661705d ago

I wish Nintendo would not region-lock their games and console. It's the only thing preventing me from buying their console.

PopRocks3591705d ago

Not the greatest reason presently. The Japanese library and western libraries are pretty much the same.

Narutone661705d ago

From where I live, they only have Japanese version, I want to buy English version as I don't understand Japanese. If I bought a console in where I live, I couldn't import an English version of the game, I have to import an English version of the console too. See where I'm going. As for PS3, I can buy any version and import any version of the game (US, European, etc.)and I don't have to worry that it might not work with my PS3. I bought a Wii in New Zealand when I was on vacation there, I can only play UK or PAL version of the game. I don't want to buy another Wii just to play a NTSC version because of where I live right now. Region locking any games is really lame.

Novistador1704d ago

@Chadoban- Pretty much this, When the Wii U starts getting some powerhouse titles then its sales will pick up.

exfatal1705d ago

Wii U doesn't need saving but hopefully this is a right step in the direction of stoping articles like "the Wii U needs saving" from popping up all over the place.

Who am i kidding people still think the 3ds needs saving -_-

Shad0wRunner1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Wii U doesnt need saving...

Oookay. We'll see how that plays out, come next year when the Wii U is struggling to keep up and compete with PS4 and XB1. We'll compare console sales and game sales and other yummy good statistics, and when you see Sony and MS totally smashing on Wii U...I'd love to see what your go-to defense reply is gonna be.

Wake up and smell the roses, yo. Not only does Wii U need saving, but Nintendo as a general whole...needs saving.

Ya know what Nintendo reminds me of now? Michael Jackson. Both were/are obsessed with little kids and casual kiddie gimmicks. Mario, Zelda, Pikmin...ponies, roller coasters and neverland. LMAO.

Realplaya1705d ago

Ummm put that joint down their stocks went up 4% the highest it's been in 2 years so guess what troll harder.

Shad0wRunner1705d ago

Nintendo's current stock: 17.44

Sony's current stock: 22.59

Microsoft's current stock: 32.01

I still see Nintendo being the lowest of the 3 big names, here.

marloc_x1705d ago

As far as your stock comparison goes Shadow, you would have to agree that console
gaming is honestly the smaller part of both Sony and Microsoft within those corporation's numbers.
I can only guess that off the top of my head, Nintendo stock is only worth roughly 77 percent of what Sony's is.
Are you suggesting that Sony's gaming division makes up 77 percent of their worth as to outweigh Nintendo which is a pure game manufacturer?
I am the one LMAO at you cause Michael Jackson's chimp had more common sense..

live2play1705d ago

Aren't you adorable ^.^

Shad0wRunner1705d ago


Well yes, actually I am adorable. Thanks for noticing. ^_^

LOL_WUT1705d ago

@ Shad0wRunner Nice post ;) +1

Fanboys here hate hearing the truth.

Benjaminkno1705d ago

Im not sure what land you live on, but reality says Nintendo isn't going anywhere.

You would bring up Michael Jackson.
Desperate attempt to justify your fetish of blood, guts, and mindless violence in exchange for creativity.

Sony is in financial trouble.
Microsoft doesn't sell in Japan....

So... maybe the best thing to do would be to recognize that you're afraid, and in denial...
about video games...

Shnazzyone1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Why do you trolls always seem to forget 3ds has been the number 1 selling console like 3 months straight worldwide? And there has been at least 3 3ds first party titles in the top 10 consistently too. Why do you folks think wii U is the only thing nintendo is selling right now?

Shad0wRunner1704d ago

The 3DS is not a console, for one thing.

It's a handheld. And we do not compare handhelds to consoles.

PopRocks3591704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Really. Then why is it that last week everyone was saying how much better Vita is doing in comparison to Wii U?

That "we don't compare consoles to handhelds" argument is completely bogus. People constantly do it and it's because dedicated handhelds have evolved into machines with features and functionality quite similar to their console counterparts. The 3DS has the specs to play Wii games; so why not compare it to consoles? Same with the Vita which Sony practically marketed as a portable Playstation 3.

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TongkatAli1705d ago

Nintendo never needs saving cause their fanbase is hardcore, period. The ones saying they're doomed is delusional.

BosSSyndrome1705d ago

The Wii U is in a very tight spot and in need of games. Saying it doesn't need "saving", meaning more games, as that's what will save it, is ridiculous. It's not selling because there aren't enough big hitters. Pikmin 3 isn't a huge game, but it's certainly bigger than just about any other Wii U game atm.

RedHawkX1705d ago

i see a nintendo fanboy has disagreed with you. they are in denial and when you are in denial as a fan you can help lead to the downfall of what you love in this case you fanboys arent helping nintendo by telling them they dont need more games and giving people with good honest opinions and facts disagrees.

BlackWolf1705d ago

Will it save the Wii U? No.
Will it help towards its recovery? Absolutely.

BlackWolf1705d ago

Oh look, casual trolling.

kirbyu1705d ago

You don't know what Pikmin is do you?

deafdani1705d ago

Looks like you have the grammar of a baby. Maybe you should play Pikmin.

ape0071705d ago

pikmin is more deep and involving than dozens of today gritty games that play themselves

your way of thinking is Casual

TongkatAli1705d ago

Your taste isn't the most important, maybe to you it is. Casual makes more the most business, but I'm more of a niche guy so i see your point too.

herbs1705d ago

Iltapalanyymi lol your name sounds like baby talk.

dark-hollow1705d ago

N4G idea of casual: games that doesn't involve gore, guns and boobs.

akaihana86plus1705d ago

Casual Babby?, WTF is that supposed to mean?, gtfo you lame troll!

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