Steam Summer Sale 2013 Has Concluded, What Did You Buy?

CraveOnline writes: "The Steam Summer Sale 2013 has just ended after 11 days of mayhem. During that time over 100 hundred games were reduced to 50 – 75% of their regular price. Now's the time to open up those game libraries and see all the games you scored—and maybe even inflated your credit card statement with."

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dirigiblebill1942d ago

Completely missed it, as usual.

zeal0us1942d ago

How did you miss it?

Anyway I brought the Dues EX Collection for $5, YS 1&2 for $5 and FF7 for $8. I tried avoiding buying too many games since my library already filled with games I have yet to play.

DarkBlood1942d ago

bs sir, lol you continue to keep buying games on sale you can never have too many as they say :P

dirigiblebill1941d ago

Didn't have internet for a couple of weeks :( But then I always forget to take advantage of sales.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1942d ago

last few days of the sale were lame cause it was the same deals as the first few days repeated, i was waiting for a few games like mafia 2 that i wanted to pick up but nothing:/ that being said i did buy about 30 games during the sale, mark of the ninja was great value at 3eur and hotline miami 2eur another great deal was deus ex for 2eur

3-4-51942d ago

Bought Nothing.

Had just bought some physical copies of games for PSP & xbox 360 and nothing on Steam I "Had" to have.

I restrained myself, even though there were a few I might want.

Bought TL2 a few months back for $20. See it at $5 on steam sale. :-(

Haven't played it much though. TL1 on xbox360 was much more fun.

Torchlight with click click click click click isn't as much fun without the controller.

ATi_Elite1942d ago

Lets see I bought ALan Wake + DLC like 5 times, hey it was only $3

I bought the entire Red Faction series. Wait actually I bought dam near every PC game THQ has released.

plus a bunch of other stuff I can't remember buying (until I get my Credit card bill)

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FullmetalAlchemist1942d ago

I picked up Just Cause 2, Chivalry, Killing Floor, Pay Day,Garry's Mod and Counter Strike Source.

doctorstrange1942d ago

I always have the games :(

iamnsuperman1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Cargo Commander, FTL, Hotline Miami, Kerbal Space Programme, Surgeon Simulator 2013 and Universe Sandbox

JackOfAllBlades1942d ago

Alan Wake for $3 with all DLC

DarkBlood1942d ago

did not see that one coming, pretty good price

ATi_Elite1942d ago

I think I bought ALAN Wake + DLC for $3 like 5 times just cause I kept laughing at how cheap it was. LOL

will give the other ones away as gifts.

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The story is too old to be commented.