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GodisaGeek: "Considering the lengthy campaign, Pikmin 3 is great value for money. Offering multiple ways to play, it is so incredibly well-designed that it’s hard not to feel impressed with the confidence – and that’s without considering how beautiful it looks in HD, or how wonderful it sounds (the soundtrack is luscious). We’ve waited long enough, but Pikmin 3 is everything we were promised it would be: a gorgeous, fun, exciting experience that absolutely everyone should try. Never leave a Pikmin behind, though, as it scars you for life."

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Dunban671552d ago

why do we have to wait till Aug 4 in NA!? What is so magic about that day- why not this Fri same as the EU??

CBaoth1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Nintendo releases both hardware and software on Sundays. I've looked into the reasons why and it seems because most of their products are aimed at a younger demographic in the West, it's easier for their target audience to get to a store.

Heck even most adults have Sundays off to enjoy the game. A pleasurable experience provides the best advertising possible on Mondays and it's free, word of mouth! Pretty ingenious if ya ask me. Plus they get a full week's worth of sales instead of 5.

OT: Yes!! "It’s worth noting that the full 15 hour campaign..."

And "A simple timed fruit hunt, enemy attack, or boss battle encounter is so much better with friends, and tasking the player with getting the highest possible medal is a master-stroke, as the high-end challenges are brutally hard."

Sweet, both a lengthy campaign and a difficulty spike. Thank you Miyamoto-san!

GodisaGeek1551d ago

Just to add, 15 hours was for completing the story part of the campaign, but add another 2-3 to get ALL the fruit :-)

CBaoth1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

Ahh even better. I thought you might've included the 100% fruit collection as part of the total play through as other sites have indicated a 10 hr campaign. But I now suspect, like me, when you thoroughly enjoy a game, you slow play it and explore every nook and cranny as I do. I've bookmarked your site so keep up the good work mate!

MNGamer-N1552d ago

I'll need to attend Pikaholics anonymous after this game

GodisaGeek1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

@CBaoth - The 15 hours is an estimate of what we think it'll take most people to complete, but if you enjoy the game (and we think almost everyone will), you'll get even more. Our reviewer's "game clock" was just shy of 16 hours, but he went back and grabbed more fruit, as some of them are damn hard to get!

Thanks for the kind words :-)