Why Microsoft Won't Sell Xbox One Without Kinect

The Official Magazine: ''If there's one thing you can rely on the average, halfway-intelligent and means-conscious human being to do, it's ask for stuff to be cheaper. In the case of Xbox One, there's a simple little equation attached: why not slice a few tenners off that RRP by removing Kinect from the package? After all, Kinect is rumoured (very firmly without official confirmation) to be almost as expensive to manufacture as the console itself, and given the less-than-tremendous state of current generation motion gaming, is unlikely to be among the main reasons Xbox One buyers shell out.''

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MariaHelFutura1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Because like w/ the 360 their masterplan was catering to casual gamers before core gamers. The just use core gamers to move systems at first. Look at the 360 pre Kinect and look at the 360 post Kinect. Big difference.

True_Samurai1850d ago

Go away Maria no one missed you

Electric-flamingo1850d ago

Yeah seriously. He only comes out when there has been positive Xbox news recently.

pompombrum1850d ago

You missed him enough to reply to his message.

Root1850d ago


Oh you mean like how all the new Xbox/MS fanboys have suddenly came onto this site and defend the crap out of Microsoft in any article which relates to them in some know those new profiles that have just joined the site either recently, the same time the Xbox One was revealed or when E3 came around. The ones who spin anything to make it look like "Sony fanboys"....hell when people were booing Double Helix at EVO the first thing they said was "Sony fanboys" I mean really, all those people at EVO were fanboys, get real.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1850d ago

TrueNinja + 15m ago
Go away Maria no one missed you

You have alot of disagrees so we DID miss maria.

pompombrum1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

@ Root Lol so true, some of them are even reporting negative Microsoft articles in attempts to get them removed.

JokesOnYou1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

"If there's one thing you can rely on the average, halfway-intelligent and means-conscious human being to do, it's ask for stuff to be cheaper."

"For all that, though, I think those who insist on regarding next gen Kinect as an unnecessary expense are missing the point by a fair few lightyears."

"However dim your view of the new sensor's capabilities and/or usefulness as a "real" gamer's device, the fact remains that it's now as integral to Microsoft's console offering as the Wii U's tablet controller is to Nintendo's - a day-one core component, rather than a mid-cycle layer of mainstream-courting, market-refreshing paint."

JokesOnYou  +    6d ago | Well said

"Wise...actually the original Kinect was $150 at launch, Kinect v2 is selling for $400 on pc by itself so I believe the extra $100 is a bargain price. Now more importantly this means that kinect will be fully supported over th X1 life cycle with cool options that will not only improve dedicated kinect games but also truly add to the experience of X1 core games which will benefit from more immersion. Its already being used in subtle ways for many of the announced games and if you read about what devs are doing I think there is some cool implementation can be done in core games. Finally Kinect makes the X1 X1 functionality for the UI freakin sweet, the intergration is hands down the best I've ever seen for a home console."

JokesOnYou  +    6d ago

"True but thats like saying nintendo should cut the new wii u gamepad because they could sell the console cheaper...NO, its a part of their vision, if you don't want it then you don't want a wii-u."

-I think I pretty much said all this a week ago and many times before.

AngelicIceDiamond1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Maria's another user I'm gonna mark down for trolling every time hes in a X1 article trolling. And you wonder why you lose bubbles? What are you a Child? you can't behave yourself and act right? As long as you ruin X1 threads I'll mark you down for trolling its simple.

Is there a rehab for uncontrollable trolling? Some fanboys like Maria need it BAD on here...


Kinect doesn't need to be optional. I rather have it now than forced down my throat later. I also don't want Kinect only software, Kinect only ads, Kinect only E3's. You know, kind a how its been with the 360 for the past couple of years/E3s.

MS pushed hard to feed that Kinect fanbase and completely forgetting the core. That was horrible and the same thing could be repeated if its separate.

Why separate the fanbase while everyone can opt to it now?

How many casual Kinect titles are there for X1? like 2 or 3 causal games. So far, Kinect only software seems only being developed for the casual, while hardcore devs are utilizing for core mechanics. Deadrising, BF, COD, Whitcher.

No way, I rather pay for Kinect now than later.

mewhy321850d ago

Well I think that it's just a way to push a technoloy that they've spent millions upon millions to develop. That and the fact that the NSA are partnered up with micro$oft. Kinect is the perfect tolls for the NSA isn't it?

Snookies121850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Lol at everyone calling MariaHelFutura a "he"... It takes all of five seconds to look at someones' profile for gender. Not everyone on here is a guy. -_-

Anyway, saying "no one missed you" makes you sound like a rather unfriendly individual. I may not completely agree with what was said, but there is some truth to her post. The 360 was enjoying a lot of amazing games before they started work on the Kinect. Once that came out, they seemed to change up directions and focus more on casual games. Which in turn left the hardcore gamers out in the cold unfortunately...

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Mr_Nuts1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

I think in my opinion that's why they reversed their DRM gain a bigger fanbase off the core gamers. Once they have an established fanbase and all those games they showed off at E3 (some like Halo, Quantum Break and Sunset overdrive which we'll see next E3 aswell) come out they'll revert back to what they were doing post Kinect and I think they could possibly bring DRM back in some way

They've done it before...this isn't about fanboysim it's about common sense. When you do something wrong you learn from your past mistakes to make yourself a better person, the same can be done when a company does something and you make a mistake by getting suckered into it, you learn from your mistakes and the companies history so you don't get suckered into something again. All your doing is being cautious

YNWA961850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

I hope that does not happen, and also, remember when the PS2 was so successful, Sony then thought they could do anything they wanted and you would scoop it up. A calculator ended up selling much more. I hope neither scenarios play out like that again, and lessons are truly learned, so please lay off the bashing and see what happens. Remember Phil Harrison, who knows his stuff has yet to get really influential in all of this.

I do agree with the points made, but lets see what happens from here. Clearly they were rocked to the core after the reveal and then E3. They do clearly have great games on the table for the X1, so, like I say, lets see what happens from this point on. If they mess up again, I will join you too and condemn them. I also think it makes great sense to have the Kinect in every box, it means developers can build from the ground up, knowing everyone has it. You have only picked the negatives, which I understand, but then your in your life, your glass is always half empty and bitter.

Mr_Nuts1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

*** so please lay off the bashing ***

How is that "bashing", this is what I was talking about. It's not bashing, it's common sense, they have done this before, MS have lied, they have declined in terms of their support with core's fact not assumptions or bullcrap.

*** I hope neither scenarios play out like that again, and lessons are truly learned ***

Well after everything Microsoft has said and done since the Xbox One was revealed, I don't think thats the case. If they were that bothered they would make an SKU without Kinect ready for early next year or even launch if they listened to us sooner. I mean remember when Kinect launched they pretended like we all loved it. It's ignorance at it's finest and MS have not learnt any lessons.

MasterCornholio1850d ago

I noticed that you gained a bubble.


Motorola RAZR i

andibandit1850d ago


I suggest you actually read the article before posting...especially the part about developers not wanting to develop for something that isnt guaranteed to be there (kinect 1.0).

nukeitall1850d ago

What happened to a well rounded console? You know, like the PS2?

Catering to core is enabling the platform to have a wide variety of games they enjoy playing. Never once, did I feel like there weren't enough games on the Xbox 360.

I don't understand why games has to be exclusive to significant.

That said, if you look at Sony's history it is kind of spotty. PS Vita has gotten poor support all around, from both Sony and third party.

Look at Nintendo, where are the first party games? Heck, where is the third party games?

Point being, MS with 15 first party exclusives the first year is solid support!

Bigkurz851850d ago

Never once did you feel there weren't enough 360 games? Not even....say...right now?

nukeitall1850d ago


Right now the Xbox 360 has the biggest catalog of games it has ever had. My backlog is so big, and it is getting bigger with all these games on demand sales.

I just spent like $80 this past week or so on Mass Effect, Borderlands 2, Tomb Raider, Bulletstorm, Max Payne 3, Hitman, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and so on.

So now, not now!

I'm still playing Gears of War: Judgment, and Splinter Cell: Blacklist is coming soon!

The question is, where do I find the time?

Bennibop1850d ago

Sony have 30 exclusives 1st year and that does not include indies.

DarkHeroZX1850d ago

LMAO! You say look at Sony's history and only have the Vita to try and argue with? Get off N4G dude. Poor support? The Vita keeps getting all these great titles though many are only available in Japan a the the moment. Nintendo has brought tons of 1st party to the table. I'm playing Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon right now. MS has games but what it has been lacking is good exclusives. All those games you mentioned except Gears is available on the competition and since I do most of my multiplatform gaming on my PS3 or PC I don't even see a reason to own a 360. Then we throw in exclusives and the 360 seems like a $150 door stop.

Bigkurz851848d ago

Nuke: Just because you're behind on years-old games doesn't mean the 360 library still active. How many AAA games in the last year? The 360 is essentially dead in terms of new releases except for the multi-plat GTA 5.

Seriously? Mass Effect? You're a little late friend. Also, none of those games you listed that you just bought are 360 exclusives.

Sony on the other hand, in the 'lame duck' console year, has brought/is bringing The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, Gran Turismo 6, Kingdom Hearts Remix, and the aforementioned GTA 5.

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dedicatedtogamers1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

While there are certainly people out there who want Kinect gone, Microsoft wants Kinect in every single home. It's for advertising. You thought ads on the dash (even if you're a paying Gold member) were bad?

Xbox One was made for advertising. This article comes from the same site (OXM)

And what does Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's CEO have to say about it? Well, he said this waaaaaay back in 2006. Straight quote: "the bedrock of Microsoft was developers, developers, developers. Now it's advertisers, advertisers, advertisers".

And people think Microsoft cares about gaming....

Megaton1850d ago

You're 100% correct. The amount of willful ignorance towards Microsoft's intentions, especially on this site, really astounds me sometimes.

T21850d ago

guess I won't be getting an xbone after all... I was looking for a sku of 299 without kinect in 2015, oh well...

Bigpappy1850d ago

No you would not be getting X1. But I will. I don't mind the Gov'ment watching me stick it to the lady of the house every now and then. I will also try and remember to take my shirt off and remove the cap from my head so they don't know what team or brands I like.

It makes no sense for them to remove Kinect then I have to order one separately. I like to come home knowing I have everything I need in the box

DarkHeroZX1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )


No matter how much make up you make her wearand how nicely she dresses for you, your hand doesn't count as a woman.

andibandit1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

The article you linked to talks about add I for example, dont get adds for lego games or jrpgs......kinect itself isnt providing extra adds, which you make it sound like.

SilentGuard1850d ago

No, Kinect may not provide extra ads, but what it will do is allow for targeted advertising based on data mining. Better targeted ads that hit the demographic advertisers want will allow MS to charge a premium for ads on Xbox. It's a gold mine for them.

XboxFun1850d ago


So this will take away from gaming how?

Are there still games announced for the X1? Are there still games coming to the X1? Have they not stated that they are developing new IP's for the X1.

And because they want extra revenue this will take away from the gaming experience?

You really need to try harder with your insane attempt at downplaying the Xbox.

And why don't you re-watch the link you provided. It has nothing to do with advertisements as you make it out to seem.

sAVAge_bEaST1850d ago

So true,.. that is why it is mandatory,.

To have this device in your living room, for Market Research, and Targeted Marketing,.. Is Disrespectful, Unethical, and Intrusive.

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dirigiblebill1850d ago

Give me a game that makes compelling use of it, and I'll get behind it. In front of it, rather. You know what I mean.

nukeitall1850d ago

There are already two compelling games for the original Kinect:

Kinect Sports (sold over 3 million copies)
Dance Central (sold over 2.5 million copies)

Those sold numbers are for quite a while ago and not updated for some time. That is, it sells more than many hardcore games!

With the more advanced Kinect, if people don't whine too much, developers might try some more awesome experience.

As a supplement, it is already great:

McScroggz1850d ago

I think what he means is something more catered towards core gamers. Kinect Sports and Dance Central certainly have their fanbases, but those are more specialized games for parties and the like. I believe what dirigiblebill is asking for is a game, first and foremost, that happens to make use of the Kinect in interesting and fun ways that could not be done without the device.

nukeitall1850d ago


Then it is too soon to know, but I think the next Kinect will bring some creative and awesome games. However, it is dependent on the device not getting so much bad reputation that people avoid it, simply due to the a niche core crowd outspokeness ruining a great opportunity to revolutionize gaming.

The accuracy and the stuff MS has shown with the next Kinect is nothing short of amazing. Just looking at you, Kinect One can tell your heart rate! o_0

KwietStorm1850d ago

If your examples for compelling games are Kinect Sports and Dance Central, then you either had no idea what he was getting at, or your idea of compelling is..something else.

no_more_heroes1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Don't want the to take it out of the package. I would just prefer if they didn't make it necessary to be connected to the console for the console to work.

I'm actually quite intrigued about the possibilities Kinect 2 presents, especially since developers know that every x1 owner will have one.

pompombrum1850d ago

"I would just prefer if they didn't make it necessary to be connected to the console for the console to work."

That's my biggest problem with the Xbox One at the moment. I can see the logic in packaging it with the console but to make it necessary to have it connected for the Xbox One to work is just forcing it on us imho.

SnakeCQC1850d ago

well the fact that kinect one was soo broken that the ryse team didnt think to use it tells us a lot