Persona 3 Movie Gets Release Date, Trailer and Artwork

The upcoming Persona 3 anime movie, titled Persona 3 The Movie #1 Spring of Birth finally got a release date in Japan. It’ll be in theaters on November the 23rd.

With the release date a new trailer of the movie and a gallery of beautiful character artwork have been released showing off the cast of the game with its revamped anime visuals.

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Abriael1856d ago

Yeah, I'm really hoping for some sort of western release... Seeing it on a movie theater is another thing compared to a fansub >_>

Firan1856d ago

Nice. Is this just one movie or are they making more? I find it hard to believe they can put all of Persona 3 in one movie.

Abriael1856d ago

This is just the first chapter, so yeah, they're making multiple.

Firan1856d ago

Thanks for replying. I wonder why I didn't see #1 in the title when I watched the trailer. Oh well at least my worries are gone lol.

tiffac0081855d ago

11/23 this year that means localization on DVD/Blu Ray will be next year.