Playstation 4: The Last Console?

We stream music. We stream movies. We stream TV shows. Why don't we stream games? What sort of possibilities does that present for the industry, and will it ever be an idea worth pursuing?

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Menech1770d ago

Every god dam generation we get this same stupid god dam article. No you can remove the tin foil hat, I will bet my entire existence on it not being the last console.

CBaoth1770d ago

The author pretty much alludes to this as the global internet infrastructure is no where ready to accommodate streaming on a large scale.

Gabe Newell gave the best reasoning's why cloud/streaming services aren't feasible at this time in his keynote address at the DICE expo 2013. Although it's a 35 minute presentation, he talks about it within the first 10 minutes.

mewhy321770d ago

As long as there is money to be made in the console space there will be console to sell.

ala_7671770d ago

Absolutely not! This questioned should be perhaps asked when PS6 or PS7 arrives

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jammy_701770d ago

Maybe.... Where else can they go? Goggle gaming will be the next big thing

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3-4-51770d ago

If the big 3 stop making consoles somebody else will take their place.

You don't just leave a market barren, especially when there is high demand within said market.

This is a stupid article.

yeahokchief1770d ago

ejectdisks mom is my last console

HiroAngatonist1770d ago

Did she laugh you out because she was expecting a nine-inch hard disk and got a three-and-a-half inch floppy?

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CaptainYesterday1770d ago

Oh god I hope not, but we never know what could happen in the future..

clearelite1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Don't worry too much.

"We stream music. We stream movies. We stream TV shows. Why don't we stream games? "

Yet streaming music hasn't replaced cds and certainly not mp3s. Streaming movies haven't replaced Bluray or even dvds. Streaming TV shows have not replaced cable Tv or box sets.

My above statements pretty much end any possible argument, at least for now. Not to mention that there are millions of people (like me) who stream data sometimes, but prefer owning physical copies to add to our collections, etc.

Futurama, is a crazy place....

king_george1770d ago

Where is the evidence to support this theory that consoles are dying? They are selling now more than they ever did before... its growing not shrinking

Menech1770d ago

Most likely from the same people that keep shouting "3D will catch on this time its the future" before it bloody becomes deeply unpopular again.

clearelite1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Someone disagreed with you and me. Maybe they don't like consoles or the option to physically own any form of art. Pretty lame really. Especially since we both made perfect sense.
It's like the people(blockheads) that were questioning the future of "handhelds" and now 3DS is on track to be the best selling handheld of all time.

HiroAngatonist1770d ago

Nothing in the article said anything about consoles dying. The opposite, really.

The Meerkat1770d ago

When Holodeck 5 is out in 2078 the people refusing to play anything but a PS4 will look rather silly.

SaveFerris1770d ago

I want my next console after the PS4 to be a Holodeck.

from the beach1770d ago

That streaming console didn't do too well, did it? Hmm..

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