Persona 3 the Movie #1 Spring of Birth out this year!

If you never played Persona 3 before, I can strongly recommend this game! Get your PSP out of the closet, clean it (in case you haven’t used it for… well, a long time) and get Persona 3 now! Or, if you don’t own a PSP, but have a PS Vita near you, download this title and get ready for hours and hours fantastic gameplay!

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EvilJeffBridges1673d ago

I really enjoyed the game. Might have to check this film out when it is released.

3-4-51673d ago

Am I the only one turned off by the "shoots self in head" thing goin on in this game.

It's the sole reason I don't want to play Persona 3.

It weirds me out to even think about it.

That plus seeing that same thing over and over and HAVING to do it would get old.

Aside from that, the game looks awesome and I'm assuming the movie will be decent to good as well.

BlaqMagiq241673d ago

To be honest I thought the "shooting in the head" made the game more unique in my opinion. Yes it looks weird at first but I got used to it and I actually enjoyed how it was used in the game. You won't find something like that in another game. You should really get past that because you're missing out on a great JRPG.

ExCest1673d ago

Well, there's a reason that they do shoot themselves in the head. It's to put stress on themselves so that they are in a state where they can summon their personas. Or so the theory goes.

Besides, it makes the game special and different.

tubers1673d ago

It felt so cheesy and weird to me specially with the stereotype of suicide in JPN.

It didn't bother me after a few hours tho it was just "meh".

1673d ago
ExCest1673d ago

Movie out this year. Looks like I'll have to wait another year for the BluRay then another month for a TL.