Can Games Drive Productivity?

Big companies such as Intel and Accenture incorporate gaming elements into the work process to improve employee achievement. Could gamification apps work for small business?

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Tiqila1797d ago

if you are a game creator I would say yes

mikeslemonade1797d ago

I'd say it's negligible. There has been a push for gaming elements in work or school related activities, but they're generally lame so even though it works for some people it will also "turn-off" some people.

yewles11797d ago

Games? Yes. Gamers on the other hand, ATM? ROFLMFAO!!!

D-riders1797d ago

educational games is all about productivity

1797d ago
clarkdef1797d ago

I used to take my ps3 to work, I always did my job when I had work to do or when work was at hand, though I can't say it made me more productive.

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