Assassin’s Creed 4 Comi-con screens – sharks, whales & naval combat

OPM: Here’s a bundle of new Assassin’s Creed 4 shots from Comi-con showing a ton of new stuff including shark attacks, fresh locations and breakdown of navel tactics to be used in game.

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Kanzes1487d ago

Remember when Assasin's Creed is all about Assassins and their Creed?

But, this looks fun though.

ANIALATOR1361487d ago

I've always said this should have been a stand alone pirate game. Shouldn't need to use the Assassins creed name to sell it

CrossingEden1487d ago

remember how assassin's creed 2 established the fact that a good amount of assassins have OTHER things to do while also secretly being assassins, i do, because you know, the whole creed was destroyed by the mongols so now the assassins are way more secretive

3-4-51487d ago

AC2 is what they should strive to be like again.

It had a good story and likeable characters a cool couple cities, new fighting mechanics, didn't have "too" many weapons and you were somewhat vulnerable still.

Down hill from there.

pyramidshead1487d ago

they need one set in Asia :(. They could get back to pure assassin related stuff there!

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1487d ago
PraxxtorCruel1487d ago

Sharks and Whales? What the hell next? Dinosaurs?

matrixman921487d ago

Assassins Creed:BC....make it happen Ubisoft

bodweiser1487d ago

id play it just so i can assassinate those templar velociraptor

Axonometri1487d ago

This oddly sounds fun.
To those above, it could be worse! It could have advanced whale ai and attacking parrots.

Kanzes1487d ago

Far Cry: BC sounds better, it would be awesome to kill pre-historic dinosaur with bazooka, and I'm curious about the water dinos too

mt1487d ago

i'll be honest, I don't care for AC story I don't think it is a good story. all I care about is gameplay. and this sounds fun fighting sharks, whales.

Heisenburger1487d ago

*looks at the photo*

You're gonna need a bigger boat.

mafiahajeri1487d ago

They say that in jaws correct? Anyway this sharks obviously on steroids.

Heisenburger1487d ago

Yes, that's correct. :)

Steroids? No. My guess would be that it's mechanical. ;)

mrmancs1487d ago

Be great if the jaws music starts playing whilst in the water swimming or moody music to the same idea! Then a shark fin appears... Arghhhhhhh.

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