Games in "dark ages" for performance capture, says Castlevania dev

The game industry is in the "dark ages" when it comes to performance capture practices, according to Castlevania producer Dave Cox. Speaking during a Comic-Con roundtable interview, Cox discussed the challenges of believable performance capture and was optimistic about the process going forward, due in part to the power of next-generation consoles.

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thorstein1794d ago

"Games in "dark ages" for performance capture, says [Naughty Dog] dev..." ...NEVER!

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Mr_Nuts1794d ago

I feel like they were the studio who got it popular in my opinion...especially with the success of Uncharted 2

Pisque1794d ago

The game wasn't that good

Mikefizzled1794d ago

Regardless of whether it was good or not my jaw genuinely dropped when I first saw it 2010 after seeing the animations.

CrossingEden1794d ago

L.A. noire only has good facial animation, everything else looks jerky and unnatural

Eldyraen1794d ago

He's right about it as not all games are created equal--nearly all of the "best" AAA though have been using it for years (some better than others which are the exception).

As it becomes cheaper and easier to do though more will bridge the gap so to speak. With all the tech demos shown this year featuring it shouldn't be long now either. What we have seen for next gen though puts most of today's to shame still.

tunaks11794d ago

I've often heard from animators that the motion capture produces mostly junk that ends up getting thrown out and almost completely redone by animators.