How Call of Duty killstreaks have changed

Call of Duty has defineitly become one of the best FPS shooters of the generation with all sorts of features that each developer has added new features to raise the bar on what Call of Duty can do every year.
One of the most notable features of Call of Duty has been the killstreak systems for the games. So, how has the killstreak system changed in Call of Duty throughout the years? Let’s take a look

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Valkyrieone1767d ago

Killing Russians again. Yawn.

ExCest1767d ago

Who do you want to kill?

ovnipc1767d ago

Some one in ME that are not Muslims. Chinese. Africans. Africans no one cares.

RickHiggity1767d ago

Aliens. I mean fuck it, why not? It would be something new.

3-4-51767d ago

I remember the good old days of COD.

You know, COD 2&3, MW1, WaW

hadar7271767d ago

this kid know whats hes talking about

Kingthrash3601767d ago

thought it was about ghosts kill save time.....article goes over the evolution of cod killstreaks. nothing to do with ghosts though just a insite to the history of previous cod kill streaks.

EPiCDiNGO1767d ago

I stopped reading at "Call of Duty has defineitly become one of the best FPS shooters of the generation"

Agent-861767d ago

I have to agree. For me, I stopped playing COD games after COD4:MW because of killstreaks. They encourage camping over PTFO (playing the f'ing objective). COD games just became "campfests" and players only concerned with their K/D ratios. I went to Battlefield after that and never looked back.

Enemy1767d ago

Sales = quality, remember?

ape0071767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

well the Original IW games such as CoD 2, CoD 4 and MW2 are definitely some of the best FPS games ever imo

black ops 1 is the best non IW cod ever, BO 2 is good too but a bit less than BO 1 imo

MW3 was a disappointment, the level design was horrible, took away the great status of the MW1 and MW2 but still a decent game overall

Stsonic1767d ago

They got out of control after modern warfare 1. The only well balanced game out of the the series. Saying that I have not played the last 3 re hashes but from what I hear it is now jokes.

Master-H1767d ago

CoD 4 had the best kill streaks, 3 simple streaks , made the mp feel balanced , and the killstreaks didn't rack up if you stayed alive past 7 kills . also if someone had a heli flying no one can call another heli in cod4,if it was mw2 or bo even if somebody had a heli going, someone else can call a different powerful streak at the same time like dogs, which made the mp even less balanced .
WAW was simple too but less balanced. the dogs were OP, at least someone could shoot the heli down with an RPG in COd4 or hide from it. but the dogs u have to keep constantly killing them to stay alive.

insomnium21767d ago

Oh man I remember the way I was hooked to MW1. RPD was my favourite weapon and I shot down several helis with it. Such a perfect online game for that type of hunger.

After MW1 COD has been BS pretty much. I turned to BF:BC and lately BF3. My time with BF3 has been limited (to zero pretty much) though ever since my wife gave birth to our 3rd child. Our baby girl is 10 months now and I'm finally getting back to gaming a bit. TLOU has stolen the spotlight from BF3 though.....

Master-H1766d ago

TLOU MP is awesome , only things that annoy me a lil are the Firefly/hunter attacks , but the survivors count thing is optional and only affects the one-use boosts i think , other annoyance is not on the game but on my ISP though, i get crazy weird lag where someone melee attacks me from a distance and sometimes i get stuck in the match without being able to move, i have a crappy 512 Kbps but the last couple days i been only getting 240-220 Kbps which made those weird lag incidents happen.

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