6 Horror Films That Would Make Great Video Games

Bloody Disgusting rounds up six terrifying horror movies that would make excellent video games!

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CaptainYesterday1486d ago

I still really want a really good survival horror Aliens game there has got to be someone out there that wants to make it.

BabyColada1486d ago

Monolith (the makers of F.E.A.R. and Condemned) might be able to do it justice.

CaptainYesterday1486d ago

You know that seems like it could be a really great idea :)

mewhy321486d ago

Now here's something that the kinect could actually be useful for. Watching movies with friends and family. Like a virtual living room with the NSA in the background.

Godmars2901486d ago

Not so long as everyone's trying to copy COD.

1486d ago
Wikkid6661486d ago

Cabin In The Woods would be pretty cool.

Wni01486d ago

I think there should be a game where there are 10-12 horror movies in it, and each level you play as the protagonist for one horror film and you have to survive or kill the monster.

So for one Level you might be a kid trying to run from Chucky. It would be a really badass game if they had a multiplayer and you and 3 friends would see who could survive the longest against the monsters for each level.

Im thinking the Monolith should take the helm and make it like Condemned.

iceman061486d ago

I know it might be "controversial", but I would like to see the game played from the perspective of the villain in these horror movies. Now, just from a perspective of games. It would be cool to use the "dream" aspect of Nightmare on Elm Street to expand the universe of a game. Think of all the things that could be done to mess with people. What about a more mature version of something like maniac mansion? (not point and click, but more of a horror/puzzle adventure)
Select a group and investigate some strange haunted area using the modern ghost hunting techniques. Provide some "real" locations and ghost stories as a backdrop.