Up Up Down Down: Dishonored

GameZone: "Welcome to Up Up Down Down, GameZone's latest original weekly feature. Here we'll be looking at a game, whether revered or panned, and talk about what's good and bad about it, with an equal number of pros, or Ups, and cons, or Downs. So now that you have the gist of it, let's take a look at a fairly recent game: Dishonored."

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CaptainYesterday1852d ago

Dishonored a game I still haven't played if I enjoy most stealth games will I enjoy this game?

GribbleGrunger1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

I'm not too sure you will. I enjoyed it for a while but soon got a little bored to be honest. It IS a good game but as I played I couldn't help but feel it was unfinished. I'm now on the final chapter but just can't muster the enthusiasm to finish the game. I'm now on my fourth play-through of TLOU, which I consider the king of stealth, and I'm taking MGS into consideration.

CaptainYesterday1852d ago

Thank you for input also thanks PEDROBEAR, this keeps happening all the people I talk to about this game some love some not so much. I'm still interested probably going to wait for the GOTY or complete edition :)

longcat1852d ago

yeah you will. its a good buy especially given the prices now.

I disliked the fact that they punish you for killing but whatevs.

1852d ago