Phantasy Star Online 2 Episode 2 is live, has a launch trailer

SEGA just released PSO2 Episode 2 on the Japanese servers, along with a dedicated trailer.Sadly, there's still no date for North America and Europe.

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TongkatAli1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Sega! You're amazing. I know this is coming to the west one day. Stop being a negative Blastoise, BLASTOISE! Withdraw.

Blastoise1701d ago

I wouldn't hold your breath =/

CaptainYesterday1701d ago

It will come....eventually I hope.

1701d ago
3-4-51701d ago

No way. That beach level/scene is exactly like Koopa Beach in Mario Kart 64.

check it out again.

SoundGamer1701d ago

And still no localization....


They better be holding out on the localization because they're secretly making a PS4 version too. >=/

I'll forgive them if that's the case....

user55757081701d ago

i thought localization was announced just no actual date is set yet. honestly if they localized the phantasy star games on the psp then they will def localize this title. at this rate they can make the game a bundle with PSO2 and PSO2 episode 2 together for $60

and we can all pray for an offline mode cause im sure the servers wont be around forever

SoundGamer1701d ago

They only announced localization of the PC version and then they suddenly put an indefinite delay on it.

user55757081701d ago

so disappointing i would love a handheld vita version but the install base is garbage right now for a company like sega to take a risk with

Festano1701d ago

But when it comes out in Europe? I spent countless hours Pso and can not wait to play PSO2!!

NioRide1701d ago

Played on and off since released.

It's never going to be localized, I've even stopped caring if it gets it or not.

Game was fun for sure, but I've moved on.

himdeel1701d ago

I agree. With no date of localization and with the addition of so much content that would need to be localized. Add on top of all of this the free to play nature of the game. It's going to be a JP only game.

dcj05241701d ago

Call me when I can play this on my VITA in NA. If it ever happens......................

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