Disney Infinity requires £30 add-on for full co-op

Everybody Plays: "The starter kit, which you'll need to buy in order to play the game, appeared to come with everything you needed to get going. But seeing as you need to own a figure to be able to play as that character, and seeing as the three starter figures were each from different films, it wasn't entirely obvious how you'd be able to play through the Play Sets in co-op out of the box. Seemingly, the quick answer is, "you can't""

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mafiahajeri1673d ago

Seems like a fair price...

Donnieboi1673d ago

This is the kind of crap people are afraid of when it comes to the future of DLC. Now u have to pay for something that should have already been there? Hell no. Give it away free.

mafiahajeri1673d ago

It seems like I should have put /S at the end.

3-4-51673d ago

Disney would be "That Guy" to try and do this.

People only do things like this out of Arrogance or Ignorance.

Either way it's stupid.

1673d ago
PopRocks3591673d ago

"Luckily, Disney have thought ahead, and produced a special "sidekicks" triple pack triple pack that comes with an extra figure for each of the three films - Mike from Monsters Inc, Mrs Incredible, and Barbossa - but while it'll let you play through the Play Sets in co-op, it also carries an RRP of £30, bringing the total cost (assuming you want to play through the whole game with a friend in tow) to £80-90."

While it's cool of them to think of a solution, it's pretty lousy that such a standard feature is essentially held back by such a cryptic paywall. Not cool, Disney.

clevernickname1673d ago

Disney saw the absolutely obscene amount of money being made by the Skylanders franchise and wanted in.

NYC_Gamer1673d ago

Wow,this is pure greed at its finest.

ChickeyCantor1673d ago

It's business. People seriously need to wake up and smell the coffee.

It's not different than collecting Pokemon cards and not knowing which cards are in the package. So you end up buying more. But no one complaint back then, and still aren't.

Bolsatron1673d ago

Why does Disney have to charge so much for what essentially is a toy, also enabling co-op gameplay? It seems that the gaming industry has been trying to milk the consumer for far too long and it will come to a crashing end if some things don't change such as companies talk to their customers.

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The story is too old to be commented.