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PlayStation Plus: Metal Slug XX Brings 2D Carnage to the Instant Game Collection

PS US Blog - This week, we’re building the Instant Game Collection with the 2D action of Metal Gear: XX! You can download this arcade classic free as a PS Plus member starting with tomorrow’s PlayStation Store update. (Metal Slug XX, PS3)

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Maddens Raiders  +   809d ago
Sounds good to me!
abzdine  +   809d ago
i love Metal Slug!!
So fun with two players!

Thank you SONYYYYYY!
faysal  +   808d ago
i been waiting for this day! O_O this is us? then im sad :(
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GT67  +   809d ago
these type of games ps4 need up-dated graphic's along with GUNSTAR HERO
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cynthia12fidler   808d ago | Spam
Nevers  +   808d ago
I've never played a Metal Slug but the art always looked enticing. I'm stoked to get the chance as a freebie, woot!
Prcko  +   809d ago
410 in 3 minutes,wtf?
solidsheep  +   809d ago
Nappa: What?? 410!!!! There is no way that can be right!
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minimur12  +   809d ago
Prcko, it obviously had time to 'heat up' while it ws pending, so say it was at 300 then, that extra 110 came in 3 minuts :)
Thehyph  +   809d ago
Normally, I would not be much of a fan of getting a PSP game in instant game collection, but for Metal Slug I'll certainly make an exception. This one had better have Ralf in it.

Edit: It does! Win!
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TimeSkipLuffy  +   809d ago
meeehhh... not a fan of PSP games :3
how about a PS3 game? ^^ PS+ EU is the better deal for me XD
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CalvinKlein  +   809d ago
ps3 game for vita, genius!
TimeSkipLuffy  +   808d ago
I wanted a new PS3 game or a real PS Vita title. Not a PSP title :3
Christopher  +   808d ago
We just got Saints Row 3 and BF3....
generalthadeape  +   808d ago
Just finished Saints Row 3 with a platinum trophy last night-- I can't believe how much fun I had with that game-- it really was "over the top".

Downloaded & installed Battlefield 3 when it arrived on PS+-- haven't played that game at all since participating in the Beta way back when.

I can't decide whether to hop on board with that game or go back to Black OPs 2 to play online with my son who lives out of state.

I have another son who lives in the same state as me that prefers the BF series.

Screw it, I'll probably end up playing BOTH!
MultiConsoleGamer  +   809d ago
I loved this game.
nosferatuzodd  +   809d ago
very good
BuffMordecai  +   809d ago
Metal Slug really went downhill after 3, wish the original devs would make a new game with HD sprites.
CalvinKlein  +   809d ago
Id love an hd 16 bit megamanX game, or a 1080P HD one would be awesome too.
PurpHerbison  +   809d ago
Not bad, not bad at all.
S2Killinit  +   809d ago
good stuff
PimpDaddy  +   809d ago
If I re-sign up for Playstation Plus will I get access to all of the older games that have been released since the service first started?
MrBeatdown  +   809d ago
You'd regain access to all the games you had downloaded through Plus.

They aren't going to give you everything ever offered in Plus.
PimpDaddy  +   809d ago
That sucks. I did a 3 month trial at the beginning of the year so I at least should get back what I downloaded before. But it would be cool if I could get everything they ever offered in the US store.

Edit: Also how does somebody disagree with an honest question???
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jrbeerman11  +   809d ago
Because N4G
ColeMacGrath  +   809d ago
Morgan just stated Dokuro will be coming next week on PS Vita for PS Plus members.
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TVippy  +   808d ago
SHIT. EU PS Plus rips US one apart!
JAM_brz  +   808d ago
Man, this game it's something that wasn't been announced in the beggining of the month, so its a "Plus" for the PS Plus. The games for August have not been announced yet, so I think it's ok.
TVippy  +   807d ago
I'm not sure it's a BONUS at all.
andibandit  +   808d ago
Trying to figure out why people are so hyped for Metal Slug XX, is this the game in question?

kupomogli  +   808d ago
Doesn't seem like people are super hyped up about it, but it is a good game that's free on the PS+.

Metal Slug is pretty much SNK's version of Contra and it's a good series. The series has actually fared much better than Contra has as well, as after Contra 3 it's debatable whether the rest of the series sucks or not. The later Metal Slug games aren't as good as the first titles, but they're still pretty good.

If Sony is going to continue giving the US PS+ members older compared to the Europe members though, I would have rather had Metal Slug Anthology. I have it on my PS2 already, would have liked it digital for Vita. Metal Slug XX and Metal Slug Anthology are the same price to purchase, so they could have bargained.
o-Sunny-o  +   808d ago
Good for me. ^~^
shadowmist13  +   808d ago
Metal slug xx,wow thats a series that will never stop.
danpan11  +   808d ago
"Metal Gear: 2D"... hehehe
JohnCartenper  +   808d ago
Is it for the Vita or PS3?

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