100 Moments That Defined Xbox

NowGamer: The Xbox journey began in 1999, with the present being Xbox 360 and the future being Xbox One. Here are the 100 moments that defined Xbox.

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Thirty3Three1797d ago

The Xbox 1 or the Xbox One?

from the beach1797d ago

Xbox in general.

This is a really good article.. and it's all on one page!

Thirty3Three1797d ago

I'll definitely give it a proper read then, sir!

ape0071797d ago


everytime i say xbox one, my mind think automatically of the original xbox

anyway the original xbox was a legend, not ps2 level legend but a legend nonetheless with a different taste than than ps2, today ps3 and 360 are the exact same

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Nicholasgliss1796d ago

Okay, Halo is great but KOTOR made the first Xbox purchase legit for me.