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Stupid Console Games You Should Play : Heavy Rain

"Here’s a tough call. Games should aspire to be more than they are. Aren’t you tired of seeing the same 2-3 genres of game, the first person shooter, the sports simulation, the generic RPG action and the erotic sci-fi adventure? Here is a game that really set out to be something different. And it was, in one very meaningful way. It played like absolute garbage." - Briance Acebedo of Str N Gaming (Heavy Rain , PS3)

xHeavYx  +   421d ago
The irony, this guy starts with the quote below, then describes the game as someone who hasn't stopped playing FPS in years.

"Games should aspire to be more than they are. Aren't you tired of seeing the same 2-3 genres of game, the first person shooter, the sports simulation, the generic RPG action and the erotic sci-fi adventure? Here is a game that really set out to be something different."
mewhy32  +   421d ago
Heavy Rain was a masterpiece of story telling. It had great presentation, great puzzles, great voice acting, and great story. Awesome, awesome, game. Can't wait to see what this studio does with the power of the PS4.
hankmoody  +   421d ago
It was very affecting but you've gotta admit those controls were a bit suspect at time.
brianace  +   421d ago
Truth be told, FPS is not my favorite genre. I just finished Bioshock Infinite, which I found to be just OK. I have never played a Call of Duty game ever. Not that there's anything wrong with those, they're just not my bag. If by the FPS comment, you meant "writes like a twelve year old", well, then I agree with you. My point, which I may have not made well, was that Heavy Rain tried really hard to be something different, which I value! It's my way to goof on games that fall on their face in the way Heavy Rain did. But make no mistake, it was a valiant effort, and I appreciate that.
iceman06  +   421d ago
I think that the hang-up for most is the use of "STUPID" and it being a bit hyperbolic. There was nothing stupid about Heavy Rain. The story, though flawed, was still very engaging. The style is as risky as it comes (most despise QTE). The experience, when taken seriously, is emotionally and riveting at times (of course it could all be just a joke if you aren't in the right frame of mind). I will agree that the controls are unconventional and at times a pain in the butt. However, once you come to grips with the fact that it is not a pick up and play style game. I found it great. I didn't press disagree (rarely do that unless it's just trolling) because this is your opinion and you are as entitled as anyone to it. Just wanted to point out where I think the disconnect might be. Thanks for writing the article and good luck with those bubbles. (N4G can be an unforgiving beast! LOL)
j-blaze  +   421d ago
Heavy Rain is one of the best experiences in gaming this gen
JunioRS101  +   421d ago
Hands down.

And I only played the demo (thoroughly though, trust me).
mgszelda1  +   421d ago
What is wrong with the controls u hit button prompts
Omran  +   421d ago
Heavy Rain define the emotions
best story telling game i have
ever played
Voozi  +   421d ago
Press X to Jason
brianace  +   421d ago
badboy776  +   420d ago
Don't you mean unique.

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