PlayStation All-Stars: The PS4 Flagship Game That Should Have Been

Rarely does a game stick with me for negative reasons, unless it’s just an absolute travesty like Superman 64 or Duke Nukem Forever. Stranger still is when a game continues to bother me for being exceedingly mediocre, which is why I’m still bitter about PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale.

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MakiManPR1826d ago

I agree. I should have been for PS4! Man it would have made the PS4 launch a LOT better.

3-4-51826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

If the game is called All-Stars it implies ALL are Stars of Playstation.

I've almost never heard of a few of these and I've been gaming since the 80's.

This should have been called PlayStation B-Team Fighters.




Nobody wants fat princess, even though the game is good.

jakmckratos1826d ago

Fat Princess woulda been good for DLC. Well not good but I'd rather see her roster slot filled with another.

TheGrimReaper00111825d ago

It's funny that EVERYONE would think to put crash bandicoot and spyro in there, except the developers of the game
I was so dissapointed with them not being in the game
THey also should have been rivals!

toxic-inferno1826d ago

I really think that the story of PSASBR is one of the single saddest stories in gaming. It's such a charming little game, but has been treated so badly since its release :(

the worst1826d ago

the problem with starhawk its not better than warhawk.
warhawk is more fun

ABizzel11826d ago

Can't agree more. Warhawk was lighthearted fun multiplayer like Team Fortress, Starhawk got too serious and technical and it just didn't capture that feeling of fun.

toxic-inferno1826d ago

Yeah, I agree; Starhawk is such a sad story.

Warhawk was so simple, and easy to play, but Starhawk was still a decent game, and deserved to do better.

MotorStorm Apocalypse is another that deserved to do better.

king_george1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

I agree that its been treated badly but at the same time I just feel the devs are partly to blame. They simply did not deliver on a game that had HUGE potential to be one of the best on the system. It all came down to them making a bunch of silly decisions and that's what ruined it for me and many others although I still play the game from time to time because its not a bad game. Its just not an amazing one

Eyeco1826d ago

Sony should have given the concept to a developer more experienced in that field especially if the concept was as high profile as PSASBR who the heck is SuperBot what are their credentials ?

Its great that there giving smaller, new developers a chance, but a bigver budget and a more credible dev in that field would have been much better for this concept.

ABizzel11826d ago

I agree, I enjoy the game a lot on PS3 and Vita, but the presentation, story mode, and amount of effort outside of combat and brawling are almost PS2 launch bad, but thankfully gameplay is what matters most, and that is the driving force of this game.

Killzoner991826d ago

That's what people failed to realize about this game, which doesn't surprise me because most gamers are morons. The "bad presentation" and "bland menus" are callbacks to the PS2 and PS1 eras. Superbot did that on purpose to reference a bygone era . News flash , that's how menus looked back then due to hardware limitations. This is a game that celebrates Playstations history , it's just a shame most gamers are too dumb to notice.

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kayoss1826d ago

The problem with people is that they complained that Sony copied Nintendo's Smash Bros when PSASBR was announced. BUt when it was released and it was different from Nintendos Smash Bros people complained that it was diffrent. I dont think it ever recieved a fair chance. I'm currently still playing it online and honestly I think its a very fun game.

Dan_scruggs1826d ago

Sony put themselves in a lose lose situation. What they should have done is take the time to create an entirely new fighting mechanic. Not unlike Final Fantasy Dissidia. Something completely unique to the new franchise they were trying to create. The 1 hit super move mechanic is a tedious affair. Smash Bros is a tense game of back and forth where you can win solely based on quick clever thinking. Not just staying away from a player when their meter fills up. The life percentage system in Smash is fantastic due to the tense feeling you get as you see you percentage go up to the point where you know a single hit of any kind could be the end. All Stars in essence forced you to watch the same animation over and over again. Something you must do in order to win. Stagnation was inevitable. There may never be a sequel but if they do I hope they take a more unique route to truly separate themselves from the competition.

garos821826d ago

I'm right there with you, its a flawed gem and I've sunk more hours in its competitive multiplayer than any other title this year.

sir dan rocks!

mgszelda11826d ago

I wanted AS to be amazing so bad cuz i love all the playstation family of characters. But alas it wasn't as much fun as smash bros

yewles11826d ago

To be realistic and a little mean here, it didn't matter what platform it could've been on, PSASBR was wrongfully created by a 3rd party dev that didn't have appropriate knowledge of PlayStation lore, and greed to advertise inappropriate new games coming out.

CBaoth1826d ago

OR it might have been Sony's fault for not appropriating a large enough budget to secure the iconic characters needed to make a game of this nature. Quite frankly, I was expecting publisher-themed DLC to offset the terrible roster and it didn't happen.

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