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PS4 continually records the last 15 minutes of gameplay, Sony clarifies

Confusion surrounding the length of the recording process arose when Neil Brown, head of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's R&D group, said earlier this month that PS4 uses a dedicated hardware encoder to continually record the last "several minutes" of gameplay footage. (PS4)

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iamnsuperman  +   810d ago
and Eurogamer thought this meant only seven minutes. Confusion all around really. Neil Brown has probably learnt to be more precise.
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ThatCanadianGuy514  +   810d ago | Well said
Eurogamer is really the only one who was pushing the 7 minutes thing tho.

Almost everyone was correcting them and saying "nope, he said several" but they stuck to their BS.What Neil said was pretty straight-forward and everyone got the meaning of it.Eurogamer was just looking for something to take and run with it.

Even deleting some of their tweets of "proof" they had.I swear, why people take Eurogamer seriously is beyond me.One of the more useless big sites out there.
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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   810d ago
But not all 15 minutes right? If it's on a boss or end of the game, it won't record as not to spoil right?
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   810d ago
What are you talking about?
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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   810d ago
Isn't there a report that said it won't record certain parts of games. Like endings and stuff like spoilers or something? Thought there was an article about that sometime ago.

Ya right here...

"Rather than letting you record anything and everything, a developer can limit when the Share button is functional during a game. So if they don’t want you recording and sharing a boss fight, for example, they can block it." http://www.geek.com/games/d...

It's not going to be all the last 15 minutes every time. Devs will see to that.
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GamerGuy153  +   810d ago
@miDnlghtEr20C_SfF developers can choose what sections of their games can and cannot be recorded, including the end of the game and the bosses. Some developers said that they would include these restrictions near launch, then would allow full game recorded at a later date
Septic  +   810d ago
My days...Youtube is going to crash on PS4/X1 release dates.
torchic  +   810d ago

the Share button will almost exclusively be used for multiplayer on FPS games

just imagine all the shared videos of a dude killing a Titan on Titanfall while running on walls (yes, Titanfall will come to PS4 eventually)

so there's no need to worry.
Black-Helghast  +   810d ago
@Torchic: What makes you so sure it'll come to PS4 eventually? And as if we didn't have enough shooters already.. Destiny, Killzone, Ghosts and Battlefield.
gaffyh  +   810d ago
@Black-Helghast - Because it's EA, because the developers have hinted at it, and because it will.

On topic - 15 minutes was confirmed a looong time ago, don't know where Eurogamer pulled 7 minutes out of. This feature will help a lot with walkthroughs, gameplay demos etc, the longer the better.
qu1ckset  +   810d ago
@torchic your dreaming, titanfall is not coming to PS4 M$ paid big bucks for that one!
RDF  +   810d ago
You really should take what ever Eurogamer has to say with a grain of salt. Dont they have a show called Inside Xbox?? It shows you their slant on this console war.

Titanfall will come to the PS4. MS paid for a time exclusive. This is EA they want the most money and going multiplat will give them that.
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mewhy32  +   810d ago
Well for some people this will be an often used feature. I can't say that this particular feature is something that I'm currently interested in. I'm sure that it'll be neat to see friends vids but it'll be more fun playing the exclusive software that the best development studios in the world are making for the PS4.
corvusmd  +   810d ago
@Tochic as of right now the Developer of Titanfall says that it won't ever come to PS4 due to the PSN network.

ThatCanadianGuy514  +   810d ago

"Cloud" is just dedicated servers.PSN has Dedicated servers for dozens and dozens of games.If you really think it won't come to PS4, then hey, believe what you want.

All i'm saying is, look back to the comments xbox fans made about Bioshock, Mass effect, Ninja Gaiden, Star ocean etc.Wrong on every single account.

It'll come.No doubt about it.
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Oner  +   810d ago
Not to mention when Eurogamer asked them ~

"Will PlayStation owners ever see Titanfall?"

They Replied ~

"It's definitely not out of the question," Emslie replied. "We have a huge appreciation for the fans. Coming out and showing it to everybody, we're super nervous and wanted to make sure everybody loved it. We love all our fans, whatever console they support."

Source ~
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Andreas-Sword  +   810d ago
Xbox One captures your last 5 minutes of play compared to PS4′s 15
andibandit  +   809d ago

you should really check what you are linking too, and read the full interview, heres the FULL interview

And the thing to note is that the things you quoted were said by:
Lead artist Joel Emslie...

and as we know Lead Artists have just about no influence on this.

if you read further on in the interview
EA Games Label boss Patrick Söderlund is asked somewhat the same question

"We haven't communicated anything on that, and I can't comment on that right now," Söderlund replied, before adding: "We're proud to be exclusive to Xbox."

so there is absolutely no conclusion to be drawn out of that interview.

Yes Mass Effect did eventually come to the PS3, and it only took 5 years......
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President  +   809d ago
What is surprising is that Neil Brown said that last week, its only aftter the Xbone story Eurogamer came out with it.

Makes them look like desperate fanboys defending Xbone.
dead_eye  +   809d ago

"We haven't communicated anything on that, and I can't comment on that right now," Söderlund replied, before adding: "We're proud to be exclusive to Xbox."

That means it's coming to ps4.
If it wasn't coming they could just say "No. No it's not"
imt558  +   810d ago
@ Develop 2013 event Sony said "several" minutes. Eurogamer ( Digital Foundry ) translate "SEVEN" minutes and that's the tricky part.:)
TAURUS-555  +   810d ago
brilliant brilliant ¡¡¡
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Gamer1982  +   810d ago
so its 15 minutes compared to the 5 minutes confirmed for xbox one. I know which those youtube recorders console of choice will be..
andibandit  +   809d ago
You are right, but i think they would go with the PS4 anyway since it will almost certainly be the most popular console.
Bladesfist  +   809d ago
I am pretty sure they would use a HDPVR still as 15 mins is not enough for getting clips ect.
kenshiro100  +   809d ago

Because third party games on the 360 like Ninja Gaiden 2 stayed exclusive, right?

EA has the last say so the game will most likely come to the PS4.
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andibandit  +   809d ago
They problably have an agreement with EA lasting a couple of years so yeah, but by that time, we will all be playing Titanfall 2(multiplat).
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Doctor_Freeman  +   809d ago
How would they know the player is on his "last 15 minutes on gameplay"?
dennett316  +   809d ago
It continuously records the last 15 minutes as you play...it keeps going. Whenever you decide to stop and look back, the 15 minutes prior to when you stopped is saved...you can then look at the footage and edit it a little before uploading.
MariaHelFutura  +   810d ago | Well said
Check. One more advantage in favor of the PS4.

It Only Does Everything... Better.
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hankmoody  +   810d ago
I understand the Xbox One is going to have similar capabilities but whatever.
NobleRed  +   810d ago
X-Box One only records the the last five minutes.


What a joke.
Hellsvacancy  +   810d ago
"Whatever" I haven't heard that Liam Lynch song in ages
FATAL1TY  +   810d ago
PS4 wins again -_-
FamilyGuy  +   810d ago
PS4 will record longer, 3 times longer, but from this article the X1 will allow you to do voice overs and even picture in picture via kinect so you can talk and be seen while the video you recorded is being played. Sony hasn't mention that ability at all and that would be extremely useful for someone that's a little more serious about game video uploading.

So, unless sony has that feature too (via PS4 Cam) or adds it in an update, what we have here is a "you win some, you lose some" situation.

Either way I'm looking forward to this feature.
Killzoner99  +   809d ago
Sorry but Xbone only does 5 minutes lol. Just pathetic .
MYSTERIO360  +   809d ago
@Family guy

As you can see from this pic it seems likely that Sony will adopt the camera /mic capabilities into their streaming service. You can blatantly see the PSeye logo ON under the user window.There also the added ability to join or buy the game outright. I do agree that Sony hasn't official said as such but their is evidence to the contrary.
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TheHybrid  +   810d ago
Damn one uppers
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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   810d ago
Only 15 minutes is better?
MasterCornholio  +   810d ago
Three times better.


The XBOX One is only capable of recording the past five minutes.

Edit: This actually surprises me because i thought that due to its more complex operating system the XBOX One would be able to record more gameplay than the PS4 especially given the fact that the PS4s OS takes 1 GB of ram while the XBOX Ones takes 3 GBs of ram.
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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   810d ago

Edit.. I see, it's new news today... Yep, that's weak on MS part. 3 times better like you said.

MS screwed that one.
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HammadTheBeast  +   810d ago
It's not bad, five minutes is plenty. But 15, is better.

This war will be fun.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   810d ago
I guess it's not 15 minutes for PS4.. it's 7 minutes. So 7 minutes versus 5 minutes.

slazer101  +   810d ago
Am I wrong, but I thought everyone was saying X1 was like a DVR and has everything in one box. Hence the naming ALL IN ONE. Five minutes of recording game play? That is embarrassing to say the least.
DragonKnight  +   810d ago
@miDnIghtEr20C_SfF: This article proves your twitter link wrong.
Maddens Raiders  +   810d ago
This guy just has to have the X1 being better no matter what. Hopeless. These are the customers that MS counts on to keep it's flotilla of bullshit alive and well.
dudeOplenty  +   810d ago

Go away.
Dead_Cell  +   810d ago
You're arguing over two extra minutes of footage, take a long hard look at your lives.
dennett316  +   809d ago
Yes....15 minutes is a bigger number than 5, it doesn't get much more basic than that. Dedicated LP'ers should probably stick to dedicated devices to capture footage, but for more casual users, 15 minutes allows a little more flexibility.
whoyouwit04  +   810d ago
Doing what better? every feature PS4 has the Xbox has, and it is truly better on Xbox One. Seriously, What does the PS4 does better? They don't even have a better line up of games.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   810d ago
Lets look at the track record of Sony vs Microsoft.

Microsoft has exclusives for core gamers for the first few years then totally drops the support for core gamers. Also only have about 4 successful franchises.

Sony has always supported with exclusives to the end of the console lifespan and has tons of successful franchises.

Sony has only announced 6 out of 20 exclusives to hit the 1st year of ps4

Microsoft has announced 11-13 out of 15 announced

Sony clearly wins with history on its side on terms of games.

They won ps2 era games and ps3 trumped 360 with games it don't seem like Microsoft is going anywhere with games.

Now on terms of what's the better system it cannot be determined until its out. This gen Xbox had a better online experience but it could be bound to change with all the new psn features.

Just wait and see
InTheLab  +   810d ago
Psn plus
Faster ram
Camera optional
Innovative controller
Upgradeable hard drive
No online brick code baked into the console

And most importantly, they never tried to remove my rights as the consumer.

As for the line up of games, you can't be serious. Forza is the only good game coming at launch but no one will buy it as usual. Ryse looks great but is already being panned by critics. Dead rising has freaking air strikes and has lost it's soul.

Every says wait till <insert gaming convention> for MS but Sony shows off two new IPs and Killzone and that's it for them. You don't honestly think those are all the games Sony has on tap for next year right?

Lastly, most of the Xbox one's lineup are games gutted from the 360 to fill in obvious holes in the x1's lineup. Should explain why world of tanks is all we get for the 360.
MikEyG  +   810d ago

I'm gonna set up a doctors appointment for you so you can get your head examined......lol JK.
BlaqMagiq24  +   810d ago
So basically your argument is Xbox One has a better launch lineup therefore the Xbox One is better? Wow what a joke. Try harder than that.

And no the Xbox One CANNOT do everything better than PS4 and CANNOT do everything the PS4 can.
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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II   810d ago | Personal attack | show
Metfanant  +   809d ago
Never go full retard...
andibandit  +   809d ago

"Camera optional" = No developers want to spend their time on it. = shovelware

much like Kinect 1.0
#2.4.7 (Edited 809d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
dennett316  +   809d ago
@andibandit, Kinect is terrible for games man, it just is. Even a more accurate and advanced version will still come nowhere close to replacing a joypad for traditional games. The sweeping movements needed for Kinect are not condusive to intuitive gameplay.

Besides, even though Kinect is with 100% of consoles, that doesn't mean that developers will take full advantage of it's capabilities...in fact, many will see it as a hindrence due to it's overall deficiencies for anything but party games, dance games or fitness games. Six axis controls were with 100% of PS3's, didn't stop developers severely neglecting it. Wiimotes were with all Wii consoles, again, most developers didn't bother utilising what it was capable of beyond the most basic of motion controls. Ditto the Wii U gamepad, ditto the rear touch screen on Vita games.
If you're expecting dazzling features with Kinect 2.0, be prepared for disappointment for all but first party exclusives....and even then, the Kinect controls will be optional for core titles so as not to bother people.
loulou  +   810d ago
great to see that you now sport the one bubble that you deserve.. shame that you cannot be perma banned though
adorie  +   810d ago
Calm down, back seat moderator
kenshiro100  +   809d ago
It's a shame you couldn't be banned as well.
hankmoody  +   810d ago
This is something I would think the Xbox One could match later on through a patch or something, no? I mean, five minutes isn't so bad but having fifteen minutes to play around with and edit properly would be better, admittedly.
PSVita  +   809d ago
I would normally agree with the possibility of a software update adding more time but the PS4 also has a dedicated chip, so I'm not sure if its just software that they'll need.
corvusmd  +   810d ago
Well as far as this article XB1 records the last 30 minutes, so even in this minor article that isn't true
JonnyBigBoss  +   810d ago
PS4 > Xbone.
Killzoner99  +   809d ago
Hell yah bro. The Xbone is toast. At this point it would be easier to list what the PS4 can't do compared to what it can.
PS4 It Only Does Everything Better than the Xbone fail.
rajman  +   810d ago
Awesome. Looks like it will be possible to upload entire walkthroughs without the need of a capture card.
JimCom95  +   810d ago
the question is can you add commentary in?
sigfredod  +   810d ago
since has already been confirm that you can upload to youtube and other services will be several ways to add commentary
JimCom95  +   810d ago
But what if u want to live stream on twitch could u still add in commentary i wonder?
Menech  +   810d ago
Am assuming all of that will be an option, I doubt it will offer the same quality as the real gear that can cost hundreds of dollars though.

I say this because I know a few Gamers that are expecting to buy a PS4 and become a YouTube celebrity using nothing but the PS4's inbuilt recorder.

You will most likely be limited to the PS4's average quality Microphone or some 3rd party alternative that will draw its power from the controller, hence limiting the possibilities for high quality voice recording.
#3.1.3 (Edited 810d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(9) | Report
GribbleGrunger  +   810d ago
I think you'll be able to exceed the 15 minute limit my self. All we've heard about is the use of the share button, but I'm more than certain that the PS4 will also have an editing tool for longer videos to put up on Youtube. I bet we see quite a few new shows appearing using the PSEye2 as well.
ColeMacGrath  +   809d ago
Hey Rajman, I'm a fan of your videos, keep up the good work! ;)
slimeybrainboy  +   810d ago
The editing tools are still unknown though aren't they? MS have said they will use kinect for voice and camera support on Twitch but I don't think it's confirmed for videos. The PS4 needs to have voice (camera support would be nice) to be really good for walkthroughs.

It would be perfect if they could send the video to some browser in the PC that would let you add cuswstom intro's outros, that would really take off with youtubers.
r21  +   810d ago
Camera support would be nice as an option. Another option is the bundled headset which has a microphone. Hopefully, there will something that records our voices as we record our gameplays.
torchic  +   810d ago

dude so are you only going to use the PS4's recoder for walkthroughs? I'd imagine you have top notch recording equipment already
rajman  +   810d ago
@ torchic
Im just saying its possible, but yeh I already have great capture equipment and devices to break HDCP protection, so capturing from the PS4 @ 1080p will be glorious :)
rajman  +   810d ago
@ Menech
Havent you seen some of the videos Sony released? Here is a Killzone Shadowfall video they demoed and captured directly from the PS4, and uploaded straight to Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watc...

Quality is amazing
majiebeast  +   810d ago
Eurogamer spreading fud again im shocked.
hesido  +   810d ago
Oh, glad Sony cleared the fog... I was fooled.
NioRide  +   810d ago
And thus died gameplay videos.

As it stands there are so many bad game videos out there, adding this feature is just going to lead to a swarm of them, and most likely youtube starting a charging fee if anything because of people posting complete garbage videos thousands of times.
levian  +   810d ago
I'm fine with this. I'm not the type of person to watch Lets Play videos - when I look up gameplay, I usually do it to get a feel for a game and see if I want to buy it. To check the graphics, controls, combat system, etc.
Minato-Namikaze  +   810d ago
How many stupid videos about anything else are there already on youtube? Dont think this is gonna change much besides bringing even more traffic to youtube.
CaptainPunch  +   810d ago
Prepare to see thousands of videos from little kids playing Call of Duty online.
NioRide  +   810d ago
This right here is the big point, Right now only people who have access to a capture card, USB device or recording software and equipment to actually get it up tend to load clips to youtube, *outside of the few cellphone captures*

The problem now is that any "OMG DID THAT JUST HAPPEN" 30 second gameplay clip is going to start flooding in.
RedHawkX  +   810d ago
unless they want to put up vids of them getting owned by me then i doubt many kids will put up a bunch of vids. the videos these millions of kids put up will have me in everyone of the vids blasting them away. the commentary will say beware of the redhawk it brings flames that burns everything to ashes.
corvusmd  +   810d ago
I know, I actually REALLY wish both consoles weren't doing this, the last thing we need is everyone uploading crap that doesn't matter. For Walkthroughs and Achievements and stuff that will be cool, but there will be too much other crap that doesn't matter.
GamerGuy153  +   810d ago
Im' expecting that it will work just like any other videos on youtube, with the majority being crap and the gems bubbling to the surface. However, i think where the video sharing really shines is the social aspect, sharing your best moments with your friends and using it to share tips for certain sections.
NioRide  +   810d ago
except the "gems" don't always just float to the top, many of the great channels only have a handful of subs.

Largely because they do work, or they don't have time to go to every social media website, advertise and get their name out there.
ZeroX9876  +   810d ago
I don't care if millions of gamers see my gaming videos (my personal choice, not talking for the great community out there streaming on twitch). What I want is to be able to share it with my friends. when I pull off some crazy skills (or lucky most of the time!) in a game, I love to be able to see it again with friends. Same for them with me.
Campy da Camper  +   810d ago
I'm curious how youtube will handle the bandwidth congestion the day after Xmas Lol. Every person who has a new console will try this out at least once.
levian  +   810d ago
Awesome, that's great to hear. I'm not big on the social features, but everyone has those awesome moments they wish they had on camera. It's long enough to record a multiplayer match in a lot of games, to catch a string of awesome random moments, maybe a perfectly executed fight, or even a full boss fight.
nick309  +   810d ago
It was confirmed to be 15mins a while back.
MasterCornholio  +   810d ago
In February i believe.
JimCom95  +   810d ago
So its basically always recording.
MidnytRain  +   810d ago
Nvidia is doing something similar with Shadow Play, which auto-records the last 20 minutes of gameplay.
ame22  +   810d ago
I really hope there is a built in editor with this otherwise I don't see this will be all that appealing for let's players.
#10 (Edited 810d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
CaptainPunch  +   810d ago
I'd rather use a capture card, seeing as I can edit the recordings on my computer and do so much more.
Gridloc  +   810d ago
PS3 has editing software. Might not be as elaborate as some PC software, but it works. So I would imagine PS4 will have similar tools for editing.
Thehyph  +   810d ago
Sony already has a full featured editing suite in x86.
Not saying they'll have Vegas on ps4 by any means, but who knows what they can have on there.
Ashunderfire86  +   810d ago
10 More minutes than Xbox One.
isarai  +   810d ago
why the disagree? it's a fact
Ashunderfire86  +   810d ago
We got a lot of haters here.Man they love clicking the disagree button for everything.It's like youtube's thumbs up/down button, where no matter if the video is about something sad; There is always a fool clicking thumbs down.
NeoTribe  +   809d ago
MidnytRain  +   810d ago
And 5 less than PC? Hmm...
TheUndertaker85  +   810d ago
5 less than select PCs with select graphics cards

"ShadowPlay leverages the H.264 encoder built in Kepler GPUs (GeForce GTX 600 series or higher) to record high quality, 1080p gameplay footage on the fly."

MidnytRain  +   810d ago

So? It's five more than a "select" console. The number of users is irrelevant.
Hicken  +   810d ago
Sorry, I was unaware that a PC was a video game CONSOLE.

Even with that aside, an extra five minutes on the "way superior" platform known as PC isn't really very impressive.

You may want to find something else to brag about. Just a suggestion.
MidnytRain  +   810d ago

Never said it was a console; my last comment refers to the PS4. "... five minutes... isn't really very impressive." But 10 minutes is? I posted almost exactly what Ashunderfire86 posted and look what happened, lol.
Hicken  +   809d ago
Still not a good comparison, as the graphics card is something you can't exactly get with your PC, but something you have to go out and buy separately from it. PC isn't a standardized platform like consoles, so while SOME PC users may have 20 minutes, others will have none at all. But ALL XB1 and PS4 users will have the same amount: 5 for XB1, and 15 for PS4.

The main point is that all users of a given console will have the same experience regarding this feature, and it will have more recording time than all users of another console. PC users aren't guaranteed to even HAVE the feature, so bringing it up was pointless.
trafalger  +   809d ago
whats pointless is this whole notion that consoles live within a bubble of gaming when the pc also has a major fanbase of gamers. it is quite clear sony fanboys only like to mention the pc when its to do with console exclusives but hate it when the pc is brought up that competes with sony consoles and makes it look inferior.

for years the pc has had the ability to record video and programs like fraps can take screenshots, video and show the frame rate of your games. the only limitation is your hard drive space. the playstation 4 will also monitor what you record and game developers will have the option to not allow certain things recordings to be shared. once again the pc and its open frame work trumps consoles on almost every account.
MidnytRain  +   809d ago

You're right. Perhaps I should have said "Nvidia 6xx+ users."
sigfredod  +   810d ago
And as usual PS4 beat xbone by 3 times lol
monkey602  +   810d ago
I adore this feature. I think it will be good fun
No_Pantaloons  +   810d ago
Hope you can turn that feature off. I know I wont use it and I always like to minimize system resource usage.
#14 (Edited 810d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
GamerGuy153  +   810d ago
I recall Sony stating that this feature doesn't eat up system resources because there are separate video compression and decompression chips on board that are utilized specifically for this feature, similar to how there is a separate chip for downloading and uploading in the background. Can anyone confirm this?
isarai  +   810d ago
It's not being used by the same resources the games use
sigfredod  +   810d ago
The PS4 have a completely separate chip to this process on the background, so no gaming resources are use for this feature so don´t worry
MasterCornholio  +   810d ago
Does the XBOX One have a chip that does this?

Or is it eating up precious resources that could have been used for gaming?

Picture_Dancer  +   809d ago

Miscosoft never mentioned dedicated chip for streaming, downloading etc. tasks so 99% sure that main processor is doing this.

What is more, PS4 has dedicated sound processor saving even more power from the main CPU. Xone doesn't have such thing.
devwan  +   810d ago
It has dedicated hardware for handling this as well as other features, it'll be a minimum impact on system resources, for ps4 at least.
brandonb21  +   810d ago
the xbox one only doses 5mins LOL
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   810d ago
Old news, I still wish they could double this, but this is good none the less
dcj0524  +   810d ago
I just need to know if I can store this to the hardrive, put it on my computer, and edit it. And if we can use our headsets to add comentary.
Dlacy13g  +   810d ago
I know both systems have an "auto recording feature" that has time limits...but if i want to record longer will the DVR let me? That is what I ultimately want to know.
N8  +   810d ago
I never record gameplay but this is a feature I will use often because of how accessible it is .
r21  +   810d ago
Interesting. Based on the article, Kinect X1 will act as the Xbox One's share button, difference being voice control and the other a press of a button. Love that each company is doing their own way of making next gen actually next gen in terms of console features instead of just upping the visuals of games.
MasterCornholio  +   810d ago
A button seems more reliable to me than voice commands.

But thats just my opinion.
HugoDrax  +   810d ago
Buttons also break, and get stuck. Sometimes people get sick and have a sore throat. Both consoles will have positives and negatives.
SliceOfTruth888  +   810d ago
of course it does....
mrmancs  +   810d ago
... I don't know if I'm impressed guys , I mean , the xbone records all the time... Whilst you shower , have sex , get undressed, argue , browse the web.. Scratch you're Arse , pick you're nose , masterbate.... Twenty four hours a day for the FBI..the ps4> 15 minutes of just gameplay isn't really cutting it..... :-)
hardcorehippiez  +   810d ago
had to laugh , funniest thing i've read today
mrmancs  +   810d ago
Cheers man , I do try ;-)
hankmoody  +   810d ago
In all honesty, I just hope this doesn't lead to a glut of fifteen minute gaming videos where maybe ten seconds of them are worth watching.
mushroomwig  +   810d ago
There's an editor that comes with it so if people are wise enough to use the feature then hopefully they should know how to remove all unnecessary moments.
brianunfried  +   810d ago
Hope it can be turned off in the settings. Sounds like a lot of unnecessary wear on the hard drive.
MasterCornholio  +   810d ago
Can they store the footage in the ram though?
sigfredod  +   810d ago
Actually all the consoles reserve a chunck of HDD space for system functions, so even if you turn it off still will not have access to that space
Thehyph  +   810d ago
I would imagine there's a page file for the fifteen minutes of video that constantly rewrites. If you mean usage and not storage, then I don't know. Maybe it uses a portion of the OS RAM allotment.
5eriously  +   810d ago
WOW. great news. kz4 here we come!
Cmk0121  +   810d ago
i am huge xbox fan but for the life of me cant figure out how sony is using less ram dedicated to these extra bells and whistles yet is doing far more. its crazy how bad MS is dropping the ball this go round.
shadyiswin  +   810d ago
exactly what extra bells and whistles? ps4 is a ps3 on steriods, i want a true next gen system.
PositiveEmotions  +   810d ago
Than whats the point of having a build in dvr if you can only record 15 mins. Yeah 15 mins is s good amount of time but still i still think is stupid
RDF  +   810d ago
Such negative emotions from such a positive guy.
Burr_Rabbit  +   810d ago
It's funny to me. I myself am a PS gamer. But it seems like everybody else on this website is also a PS gamer. Everybody is always putting down the XBox and how it compares to the PS. Honestly, I think the XBox One is gonna go toe-to-toe with PS4 as far as gameplay and experience goes. I just can't wait to see what happens. :)
HugoDrax  +   810d ago
Exactly how I feel about this site. For example, if it was stated that XB1 could record 30minutes of video there wouldn't be an article to read hahaha. The only reason this article is published was because Microsoft announced their recording feature at comic con over the weekend.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   810d ago
Actually, this article was published to clarify some lies that Eurogamer were spreading.

But hey, somehow it's all a big conspiracy against MS tho, right?

How do you guys come up with this?
NeoTribe  +   809d ago
Its called gaming news. Reason there's not a lot of positive xbox articles is because its hard finding anything good about it. They underestimated sony and thought there mindless fans wouldn't notice there bs.
mkotechno  +   810d ago
PS4 pwned XBO again:

PS4 can save up to 15 minutes without leave the game.
XBO can only save up to a half minute without suspend the game (and be disconected from online games)

Co co combo breaker!!!!!
first1NFANTRY  +   810d ago
So the Xbone records only the last 5 minutes of gameplay whilst the ps4 records 15.

Guess that extra ram matters huh.
-Gespenst-  +   810d ago
I really hope you can turn that off.
Baka-akaB  +   810d ago
why ? It's not ressources that's gonna be used elsewhere , and as long as you dont upload what's recorded you are fine .
#29.1 (Edited 810d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
TimeSkipLuffy  +   809d ago
I agree. I don't need anyone recording anything if I do not want to :3
-Gespenst-  +   808d ago
Well I presume it's part of the 2GB or ram for the OS and all that stuff, so yeah, it seems unlikely that'll impact on gameplay. All the same, it could still impact on switching form the game to the new XMB thing, as well as the XMB itself (whatever it's called).

Also why do you WANT it on? I'm never going to make use of that feature, so I may as well turn off. Also it's a prime means of data-mining, which involves a breach of privacy which is highly anti-consumer and very unethical.
SITH  +   810d ago
It is all great that either system can record gameplay of all games, but why not all gameplay in it's entirety? Worked perfectly fine in Halo with any length of time.
#30 (Edited 810d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
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