5 Things I've Learned from the Steam Summer Getaway Sale

"The Steam Summer Getaway Sale will soon be ending, and hopefully you've all had a chance to pick up a few games at the crazy low prices offered in the promotion."

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iamnsuperman1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

I learned that I actually hate the steam store (I know blasphemy but hear me out). Don't get me wrong the deals are incredible, it is just the way the store is organised that gets me along with the crap that isn't needed.

I use steam mainly for indie games as I only have a laptop but the store is really annoying to use on my laptop and also very difficult to go through the hundreds of games available to find something really good.

Menech1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

I don't like this card shit there pushing, seems like they are monetizing there community. Offers players the ability to get cards with the games they buy, then equip them to level up there account and earn rewards.

I understand the cards came with really good deals anyway, so it's hard to argue they are trying to rip people off.

But all the steam features used to be on offer to everyone, even people who hadn't bought a game. Now it seems they are trying to get people to buy more games to unlock account features.

skept3k1677d ago

The only thing you unlock with the cards, when you turn them into a badge, is 1 emoticon to use in chat, 1 profile background, and the game badge.

If that is something that makes you think OMG I MUST GET THIS GAME NOW, then that is a little sad.

Just sell all your cards, most of mine have sold on average for $0.15. I've sold 15 so far, that is $2.25, it adds up. So IMO they are actually giving me free money!

aliengmr1677d ago

I did absolutely nothing except play game I already had and I have an inventory full of them. Wait, I voted during the summer sale too.

Achievements are harder to get. You aren't upset because you can't get a achievements in a game you don't own?

Christopher1677d ago

I learned that Of Orcs and Men has horrible "strategic" gameplay.

TimeSkipLuffy1677d ago

I learned that I can resist to buy games that I only play on my console anyway XD