Is DLC a Necessary Evil in Today’s Gaming Industry?

Den of Geek takes a look at the DLC issue to discuss whether or not it is a necessary evil, or is DLC more often than not a shameless money grab.

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Yi-Long1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Necessary!? Hell no.

In fact, DLC has made me spend LESS on games, not more, cause I actively boycot those releases where I know they'll be DLC-milking me 5 seconds after a game is launched.

Usually, it means I'll either wait until there's a complete release with all the content included (for a fraction of the original price, or I just stop caring about the game completely, meaning they won't get ANY of my money, and I'm also much less likely to pick up other/newer releases from such developers.

Let me be absolutely clear: I'm not against GOOD DLC! The stuff that is actually made AFTER the game has been released, and which offers new and worthy content that offers something EXTRA, not stuff that was CUT-OUT with the clear intention to nickel-and-dime us later.

'GTA4: Episodes' for example, was GOOD DLC. But we all know that 'good DLC' is vastly outnumbered by lazy andgreedy DLC-milking.

MariaHelFutura1701d ago

DLC can be great if done right, the problem is 90% of it is just a cash grab fueled by nothing but greed. The big problem is companies don't finish their games and rely on patches and DLC to finish them. Which is just wrong.

DarkBlood1701d ago

i heard this speech one too many times from you :P but the real question is

do you actually play every bit of dlc weapons or otherwise? i doubt everyone does ontop of other games to go through.

Yi-Long1701d ago

Oh, it's not just a speech.

It's a principle.

And I'll keep repeating it as long as I have to.

Most of my friends have exactly the same feeling, that they now absolutely refuse to buy a game on day 1 for full price, when they know the developer will be DLC-milking, or are basically releasing an incomplete game. They much rather wait a bit to buy the çomplete' version.

I have no idea if I end up playing ALL the extra content, once I buy a GOTY/Complete edition. In some games I do (Assassin's Creed 2 for example), on others probably not (like racers with hundreds of cars: I'll never play EVERY car).

It depends on the game, genre, and content that was offered as DLC.

However, I just really dislike the mentality of nickel-and-diming customers over some extra weapons, cars, skins, characters, whatever, 5 minutes after you release a full-priced game.

And I won't support such greedy practices, or those developers. For example, it's why I still haven't picked up Forza 4 or Horizon, and now probably never will, considering next-gen is almost here. It's why I will refuse to buy most Capcom games for full price. It's why I refuse to buy Ubisoft games for full price. Etc etc.

When I either know or expect they'll be DLC-milking, or selling you an incomplete game just to nickel-and-dime you, I'll enjoy myself with other games.

And again, like I said, there IS an exception for 'good' DLC, but we all know those cases are rare. Sadly.

DarkBlood1700d ago

i know, its just it feels like you should spread that message directly to the people reponsible or in this case the ones doing the practice instead of here, thats all.

i pratically know about you alot already on this matter lol its beaten into my head i might say.

yeah its definitly rare to get a full game single player wise, me my self could personally give a crap about multiplayer content such as im going to get killzone shadowfall day one with my ps4.

not alot are going to be complete by the definition you explained going with that common sense i would have not gotten alot of games so i just reduce it down to ones i really want which is why i got re6 day one despite knowning there could be a gold edition for it.

hell i would of gotten ff13-2 day one but decided to wait and get it cheaper and that i did for 20 bucks brand new but i have no desire to pick up the dlc lol

im not hating on you or anything just so you know

ASBO-51701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Totally agree, any game with day 1 DLC is an automatic "Wait & Buy used" for me. Also, the only DLC I condone are for games like Fallout/FO:New Vegas/Borderlands 1&2. I don't do "Skins, New Colors, Weapons pack, Etc",
this is the DLC that's killing the industry.

If its Day One it damn well should have been on the disc, and by that I DO NOT mean Disc Locked Content (the other DLC).

xReDeMpTiOnx1701d ago

Dlc done right IMO is games like borderlands 2 the dlc gives fresh new story,gameplay,weapons,charact ers etc etc

Dlc gone wrong, Cod Nuff said

N7Lukas1701d ago

If its made from the ground up AFTER the game is released then im all for it and willing to pay. If its content originally intended for the main game that's been taken out and sold separately, then its wrong.

CaptainYesterday1701d ago

I have a love/hate relationship with DLC, when it's expansions of the game like what Rockstar did with GTA4 I love it. When its cut content I feel cheated and that I bought a incomplete game.

hankmoody1701d ago

What I am not for is the kind of DLC abuse that Capcom (a company that I've loved for decades) is known for. Seriously, what they did with the Street Fighter IV games was downright ridiculous. And for them to actually offer at a cost the "VS. Mode" for Resident Evil 5... that was just cruel.

DLC should not be material cut from a game that should have been available at launch. The other factor here is that gamers eat this stuff up. As long as people keep taking the bait, the companies have no reason to change their tactics.

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