(Belated) The Last of Us Review | Doublejump

Doublejump founder Jake Colosimo has written a monstrous 3,300 word review of Naughty Dog's magnum opus.

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yewles11821d ago

233 Perfect scores now...

Doublejump1820d ago

It's interesting how people are "disagreeing" with pure fact, but yes... A testament to how incredible the game is!

1820d ago
CommonSense1820d ago

If you're going to do a belated review that's exactly like every other review, don't bother.

GamerSciz1820d ago

Clearly if you actually read the article you would see in the author's note that they apologize for the lateness and in fact a health issue was the problem. Plus, who cares if it's a later review it's a well written one.

Doublejump1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Thank you for making note of that fact. Maybe I should have placed the author's note at the top of the review, but I thought it ruined the mood that I had attempted to set with the first few paragraphs.

Thanks for the kind words as well! :) -Jake

fenome1820d ago

Yeah, great way to look at it, if someone else has played it why even bother playing it yourself then right? ALL games get reviewed by hundreds of different sites this one is just getting particular praise because it just feels so different and solid. In my experience it did anyways, and judging by the reviews, I guess it's not just me

FlunkinMonkey1820d ago

Be quiet.. Change your name.