Gran Turismo 6 - A "Revealing" Trailer

Gran Turismo 6 launches an all-new trailer showcasing the game's new promotion and its demo launch.

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r211849d ago

Pretty mind blowing that a video game like GT made these gamers actual real drivers :O

skept3k1849d ago

It is mind blowing, but they don't call Gran Turismo "The Real Driving Simulator" for nothing!

NioRide1849d ago




Are two entirely different things. you want a "racing" simulator go play iRacing.

skept3k1849d ago

I do like iRacing, but I prefer rFactor, and neither of those games change the fact that GT is a good simulator.

GMWPS31849d ago

@ NioRide - so what real life racers has iRacing created? Not endorsing it but actually nurtured and put out there??

NioRide1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )


I've also personally ended up in several races with real drivers.

I've had run into two practice sessions with the real Mike Skinner in the truck series and even gotten to speak with him over the voice chat.

something you can't do in Gran turismo.

GMWPS31849d ago


Point taken, though the approach is different as iRacing let's you interact with the professional race drivers while GT has a program that specifically focuses on creating Race car drivers. Both have their merits.

By the way, that was a nice story on the link and one of those rare ones that makes humanity look better.

Gran Touring1849d ago

Theres no question that iRacing offers a better simulation experience, but for most people, it's difficult to really get into. I subscribed to their membership a few years back, but at $100 I didn't really devote myself enough to justify the purchase.

Most of my time and resources went towards actually tracking my RX8 and WRX, and like most people here who enjoy Gran Turismo, we like playing other games as well. However, while it's hard to get into iRacing, if you're serious about it then it'll definitely reward you and is second only to real racing.

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mewhy321849d ago

Wow!!! This game could pass for a next gen game!!! The PS3 still has a lot of juice left in it baby!!!!

yewles11849d ago

Can't wait to see the next winners.

badboy7761849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

It could be me or you. But you know they don't give big guys like us any love.