Konami teases new Castlevania game

Producer Dave Cox references "the next one" in discussing Lords of Shadow 2, confirms Mercury Steam will not develop it.

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nick3091704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

I want a 3d game with the main canon alucard. Los is a really cool spin off but id like to back to the roots of this franchise.

FriedGoat1704d ago

I want a 2D game, like the good castlevanias....

TongkatAli1704d ago

THIS! DS Castlvania games were all 10 the 3DS one is a giant turd.

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yeahokchief1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

that's because nintendo has been increasingly gearing their games and products towards children and away from adults. their games are too simplistic.

don't think you'll be seeing another castlevania like on the DS for a long time and it'll probably be on the vita or the ps4 first.

Shad0wRunner1704d ago

Oh, dont let the Ninetndo fanboys hear you saying that. I have seen a million of em quote "Nintendo makes high quality games for the whole family to enjoy. And most of those kiddie games (as you call them) are set in a difficulty that even grown adults cant play or beat. We like our Mario, Zelda and Pikmin games! You dont have to have blood, guts and firey explosions to be a hardcore gamer...."

LOL, I've been in so many arguments with these dorks, it's not even funny. I feel ya tho. ^_^

Shad0wRunner1704d ago

Correction: LoS is not a spinoff. It's a reboot. An origin's story, depicting the tale and creation of Dracula...and how it all began.

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Donnieboi1704d ago

Hopefully it's made by Konami's Japan studios. Wanna see the series go back to it's roots, while still embracing 3d.

Inception1704d ago

Yeah, i want Koji 'IGA' Igarashi make another 2D Castlevania again. I really missed Alucard & Belmont families fighting Dracula in 2D sprite >.<

voodoopickle1704d ago

More like SotN please. None of this QT crap. Make it real boss fights with rpg elements again

Shad0wRunner1704d ago

You nostalgic fanboys need to stop living in the past. 2D sprite side scrollers are so...1995. It just reminds me of the NES/SNES days when EVERYTHING was a side scroller. And dont come at me with "derp, we gotz side scrollerz games on da PS2 and PS3" know damn well, what Im talking about!

We are moving into next gen, folks! The 9th generation of video game consoles; and everything is getting more high-tech and evolved. Including the games we play. Castlevania is a game that worked really well as a 2D side scroller shouldnt be trapped in a 2D world for all of eternity, just cuz some fanboys cant let it go. Let the franchise evolve, expand and grow. Dont hate just because a developer comes along and has a vision for a 3D world. Lords Of Shadows WORKED and Lords Of Shadows 2 will be even better. MercurySteam did a fantastic job with Castlevania and if they decide to let Konami or some other developer do the next one (as they hinted in the article) I personally hope they continue with the epic storyline and 3D world that MercurySteam created. Maybe with Simon or Richter Belmont...or Alucard.

But it's people like YOU who hold the natural evolution and progression of games back, for nostalgic sake. STOP THAT!

Thats like saying "Man, I wish Metal Gear was more like the old school version back on NES. No more of this 3D 3rd person shooter crap with movie elements and cutscenes." UGH! -_-

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