FIFA 14 dev: Players disliked the speed of FIFA 13

Upcoming football title FIFA 14 will be slower and feature less of a focus on speed compared to last year's game.

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theEx1Le1766d ago

They said this last time. The game is all about pace! Sweaty nooby pace.

TheFallenAngel1766d ago

They need to stop over powering some teams. I know some players are fast but not super human fast. If your team has 2 stars all the players are slow as a turtle. Put real Madrid or Barcelona and all the players have super human speed.

MiasmaDodo1766d ago

I actually like a faster pace when I play FIFA.
As long as they dont slow down passes completely like in 11.

FIFA 10 is still my Fav so far.

asmith23061766d ago

I agree, FIFA 10 was great. 12 was pretty good too. I went back to PES though last year. It's back to the good old days on that side of the field.

HugoDrax1766d ago

I purchased FIFA 13 and only played it for approximately 10hrs. I don't know if I'm just burned out from FIFA games in general, but FIFA 13 didn't excite me as much as FIFA 10 and 12 did either. Hopefully FIFA 14 is better on next gen consoles, whichever console I decide to pick it up for since I'll have both at launch.

iceman061766d ago

I agree with you. I had FIFA 11 and 12. I liked 12, but then went back to PES. Have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying PES again. It just seems so much more organic and natural than FIFA. Though it has it's flaws, I would take it all day over FIFA 13. I'm excited for the tweaks of PES this year and to see what FIFA has for the next gen. Might just have both games.

Pascalini1766d ago

They won't change the speed of the game- they actually said they never made it faster than fifa 12 and blamed ppl always using the sprint button on UT as the reason why UT seems faster.

3-4-51766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

First of all. Problem #1 is people are playing UT, which is the most unrealistic and arcady way to play a Fifa game.

You want realism ?

Start a League 1 or 2 team and work your way to premiership.

Starting off as slower players helps you appreciate the more athletic ones as you get better.

It also lets you understand the game in a more realistic way as your playing against similar or better teams almost the entire time.

It keeps the scores real and game more realistic.

They need to make Create a Team like PES does though. So much better in that game because of the options.