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The Best Games of 2013 (So Far)

From gritty reboots to mind-bending sequels, or original blockbuster IPs to trippy indie romps, there is no shortage of games to clean out your wallet. With a GIGANTIC half year left on the board, let’s hit a quick checkpoint and look at the best games so far this year, in no particular order.

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Community1889d ago
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showtimefolks1888d ago

for me its the last of us, i had very high hopes for Bioshock Infinite but that was a bitter disappointment

i am really looking forward to watch dogs,GTA45,B2S

GTA gameplay trailer looked sick

i believe GOTY will be between GTA5 and TLOU and i fully believe TLOU will win just because no matter the changes RS make end of the day its still GTA. WE know what to expect

and that's coming from sone who is a die hard GTA fan, to me TLOU just was as close to a perfect game as we can possibly get to on the current system.

HammadTheBeast1888d ago

Infinite was a great game. The thing is, The Last of Us pushed the bar higher, and pretty much made other games look bad. But the character development, story, and atmosphere in Bioshock Infinite was spot on. Gameplay could've been better, but with a beast of an ending like that, it's hard to forget.

And Last of Us speaks for itself, GTA V will have to have an amazing storyline to compete. Gameplay alone usually doesn't win GOTY's.

showtimefolks1888d ago

for me the only thing that was fun about Bioshock Infinite was combat, it felt great and the ending no doubt had a huge twist but other than that its wasn't much. Now i am only speaking for myself as a gamer, i wouldn't hate/disagree with someone if they say they thought it was excellent because its their opinion


after last year my hope in gaming media has been restored a bit when they chose walking dead and journey, i wouldn't be shocked if GTA5 ends up winning but i feel like the bar has been set

many reviewers called TLOU a potential game of decade or once in a generation type game so GTA5 has a lot to live up to. But than again after the last gameplay trailer my hype went through the roof, i was buying it day one but that trailer just made the wait that much harder

GTA online is also a huge feature we know next to nothing about, and i feel like that could be the game changer

we call all agree RS and ND are 2 of the best developers in the business

Kanzes1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Bioshock Infinite was amazing, the voice acting, the art direction, music, atmosphere, narrations, and setpiece are all awesome, especially the atmosphere. There's a lot of jaw-breaking moment too. And thank god, there's no QTE or turret sequence in this FPS game. The problem is, the gameplay seems too repetitive in the middle of game. But the big twist is always satisfying.

The Last of Us, the opening was the greatest in this year, the characters and the lores are really well-polished, The music and the realism are great, fits perfectly in this game. The ending's great too and I love how the dev doesn't make the ending like a fairytale. But I think it still lacks of immersion and boss battle in my opinion, like the AI's partner that sometimes stands out in front of enemies, and the same enemies over and over, It would be great if there's a Tank-like infected in this game.

For GTA V, I'm sure it will success like its predecessor, they bringing back the expanded version of old-good Los Santos. There's a lot of old features that comes back in here too such as car customization, stats, properties, etc. But the new features are also makes me exciting, especially where we can scuba-dive anytime, wildlife, jets and planes, and pets in the biggest map that R* ever made. The story is actually interesting this time, 3 people with different abilty, traits and interesting personality. But still, we can't say anything about this game, It's still 2 months left anyway. Can't wait

Hicken1888d ago

... why does The Last of Us need boss battles?

Kanzes1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Sorry, what I mean it's not really a boss battle, I just want to do something besides throwing brick and shooting something/someone. I don't know, the story is great and really keep me going for hours, but the gameplay feels a little repetitive to me.

Since GTA is a open-world game, things will be different, I can do bunch of stuff besides doing my main mission. Maybe I'm more into that kind of game.

showtimefolks1888d ago

i disagree with you 1000% TLOU didn't need boss battles, and some of the boss battles were tedious and frustrating in bioshock infinite

the AI partner now that where i agree with you, but you have to understand we are talking about very old consoles, i believe the version of TLOU on PS4 will be the ultimate version, because ND won't be held back by the tech as much

same thing i believe for GTA5, no matter how much we want to say it will look and play great bottom line is current consoles are gonna hold back GTA5, and the only reason RS aren't speaking about next gen version because they don't want to hurt sales

the crew from UBI took 3 people and 2-3 months to port over to ps4 so if the port time is about 3-4 months for GTA5 than we will get a ultimate version of that too

Colzer011888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Tlou is totally overrated

Immersion? you mean like when the AI shouts near the Clickers when actually they can hear a slightest sound, or like you said when the AI stands out in the front of enemies, and they like "OK" with it?

Story? you mean when Joel become a scumbag A-hole that wasted the last hope for humanity for his own desire? do not tell me that "Mandkind's already ain't worth saving" thing, he just think in his own perspective, he doesn't know out there, there's a lot of good people that died each day.

Realism? you mean like when Ellie single-handedly killed almost 30 fully armed grown-ups men with no equip whatsoever? and Joel is a scumbag too, he doesn't have a moral like Lee in TWD, he just kills everyone on his way easily without thinking twice.

Gameplay? In the nutsell: pick up brick, throw up brick, pick up brick, throw up brick, repeat.

Heisenburger1888d ago

Because David TOTALLY wasn't a boss battle.



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Tontus1888d ago

The Last of Us is my favourite game of the year so far but you'd have to be crazy to think it'll beat GTAV for GOTY. GTA V will average 96-98% on reviews aggregates and will mop up the largest majority of awards. It just will.

I don't think TLoU can be considered close to perfect, I'd only give it a 10 because it's the best in the genre at the moment but there's quite a few things that could have made the game better. I think the reaction to the game has been so positive because it's an ambitious new IP that is the first amazing survival horror game since 2005 (Resident Evil 4). It will win a lot of awards and will be remembered for a good long time, if it weren't for GTA V releasing this year TLoU would have dominated like Uncharted 2 did which had no competition.

The_Devil_Hunter1888d ago

I laughed at your silly comment. Uncharted 2 was released in 2009. I'm not sure if you remember but 2009 saw the release of Arkham Asylum, Assassins Creed 2 and many others which were great games. So it did have competition.

The_Devil_Hunter1888d ago

Sorry but GTA IV was the most overhyped game this generation and I can see the same thing happening here. Especially when open world games get boring so fast .

Kanzes1888d ago

While I agree that IV doesn't really deserve 10, GTA V is gonna be totally different than IV.

The old features back, the story that actually interesting this time, wildlife, scuba diving, biggest gta map ever, the new shooting mechanic that taken from Max Payne, and the multiplayer.

The_Devil_Hunter1887d ago

Youre absolutely right but who is actually going to do any of those things such as scuba diving and playing gold and cycling. Assassins Creed 3 tried to do similar things and they all felt like chores

level 3601888d ago

Re-booted Tomb Raider and The Last of Us.

starchild1888d ago

My good man, those are both wonderful games. Nice to see someone else give props to the amazing Tomb Raider reboot.

plaZeHD1888d ago

In gameplay aspect those games are very similar. Even though I think The Last Of Us has a more advanced combat mechanics.

InfinityG35JT1888d ago

First and foremost The Last Of Us, Metro Last Light, Bioshock Infinite.

TedCruzsTaint1888d ago

Last Light, Infinite and Dead Space 3 are my personal favorites of the year so far.
Tomb Raider and Devil May Cry also deserve a strong mention.

starchild1888d ago

Another guy with great taste. :-)

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