NextGamer- Pikmin 3 Review

NG:Many new ideas and the very varied continents designed.Pikmin 3 would be a reason to buy the currently rather slow selling Wii U.

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gedden71792d ago

This game is getting nothing but HIGH REVIEWS!!!

1792d ago
TongkatAli1792d ago

Its official. It's a great game.

mcstorm1792d ago

other good review and cant wait until Friday will be my 1st Pikmin game and the stare to another great 2nd half of a year for gamers.

RAFFwaff1792d ago

pikmin 3, splintercell blacklist and the wonderful 101. my wife's gunna divorce me!

live2play1792d ago

Pikmin 3 @nd wonderful 101 have multiplayer
I play with my wifey x) maybe yours will like pikmin

Elem1871792d ago

My wife doesn't play console games (facebook farm games only), but she is excited for Pikmin 3 when I showed her a video... so hopefully its a game we can both play.

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