DriveClub Interview: PS4 Advantages, Dedicated Servers, Customisation, Club Progress And More

"Last month at E3, we were invited by Sony for their theatrical presentation of DriveClub. During the presentation, Col Rodgers of Evolution Studios talked about how connected the game is and how the technical prowess of the PlayStation 4 has played a big role in developing DriveClub."

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mrmancs1825d ago

I guarantee it will be better at gamescom , and from what I have seen up to now , the clouds rolling across the land changing the light dark areas of the environment whilst you race , the balloons floating and crowds and moving water(non static backgrounds) the animation of the in car driver.. It is already looking promising :-) as for framerate , well they want 60fps but what I seen up to now it looks silky smooth , unlike forza,slowing frame rate,with it's fake lighting and project Gotham graphics in high res.... And that is more progressed in development let's not forget! ;-)

TheGrimReaper1825d ago

"as for framerate , well they want 60fps but what I seen up to now it looks silky smooth"
I've read several previews which indicate some slowdowns...

And why do you bash Forza? It looks great so far. Fake lighting? Everything in a game is fake. It's static lighting which is a bit disappointing but it is 1080p/60fps!

Both games are still in development so we should keep our judgement until both are released.

Could you please tell me how you know that Forza "is more progressed in development" than Driveclub?

Btw I'll buy a PS4 at launch and I am not a fan of X1 but I think it is stupid trying to downplay a developers effort if it isn't on your platform of choice. A good game is a good game despite its platform.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1825d ago

Sorry but apart from Knack Forza 5 is the most non next gen game Ive seen. It's literally just a graphics improvement, (prolly physics too). I dont see why people are so impressed with it processing 60 fps. It's easy to do when you dont have to do day night transitions, physical clouds, non baked in shadows, unrealistic reflections and large terrains. And the engine it uses cant even render the small environments in their entirety. look in the rear view mirror youll see that stuff disappears off the track as you pass it by.

Driveclub at 35% excels Forza 5 in everything but framerate, and it still might even get to 60. Plus they confirmed that the current build looks much better than what they showed at E3, (and you will see the updated build at gamescom).

mrmancs1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

I haven't seen any slow down from what I have observed , and at any cost its a pre alpha demo so who cares , let's see how the end product is.

Why am I bashing forza? Because of the bashing upon this unfinished title off xbone fans , uncalled for really seeing it will be way more graphically exciting than forza when finished.

The team who are devolping forza have been working on it since the xbone's conception.

I'm stupid? I can live with that , I've been called way worst in my time....

flunkers1825d ago

Sforza is better than drive club. It is better because is say it is and if I say its better then it is. :)

TheGrimReaper1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Well, physical correct modeled cloud formations are nice to have but I think the framrate is more important in a racing game :P
You are right, Driveclub features nice things but I am hoping it will perform well!

Anyway, I will look for the things you have mentioned while playing both at gamescom ;)

"I think it is stupid trying to downplay a developers effort"
I have not called you stupid o.O
If you think I did, my deepest apologies! It wasn't my intent to insult you in any way!

And bashing just for the cause you mentioned is not reasonable IMHO.
We both don't know yet which will look better until they have finished the development. If Driveclub will look better than Forza I'll be very happy! If it doesn't, well Kudos to Turn10 but this won't stop me from buying Driveclub.

I don't know when Turn10 began development on Forza 5, neither do I know when Evolution Studios started development.

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NioRide1825d ago

"dedicated servers"
I've always hated this on console, that means at any given time they can take the servers down and no one can play online anymore.

MasterCornholio1825d ago

Didnt Microsoft state that all XBOX One games will have dedicated servers or something along those lines?

super_cuddles1825d ago

Hi there, dedicated servers are available to all games for a reduced fee but it's up to Activision if they want to opt in, I'm guessing ms first party games will though.

dcj05241825d ago

They shoupd do it like pc games. You can buy a dedicated server, you can play on a offical server, or a player hosted server. I don't thinl that would work on a game like this though.

HammadTheBeast1825d ago

But it's so much better to reduce lag, make it easier and quicker to find games, and I doubt they'll take servers down anytime soon.

wishingW3L1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

it's the same with P2P and they only take them down when nobody is even playing the game anymore.

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dcj05241825d ago

Can't wait for some friendly competition inside of my club. I wonder if it will be like starhawk/warhawk clans:Best Drifter, Best Racer, Best overall,Most Speed ect..... makes competion so you can strive to be the fastest to complete challenges or can be the best drifter in the club.

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