Killer Instinct pricing strategy to be announced at gamescom

Killer Instinct's pricing strategy will be announced at gamescom next month, Microsoft Studios' Kenn Lobb has told GameSpot.

"We're going to announce the exact pricing strategy when we get to gamescom," said Lobb, before explaining why the game will be released in an unconventional manner.

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Colzer011820d ago

I hope it's only cost $3-$5/fighter

iamnsuperman1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

I think that is too much considering you only start with one fighter. If they are going to do that at that price then they need to include a discount deal when you buy, lets say, 5. It would encourage more people to just get the 5 character pack. Probably could sell it at $10

4Sh0w1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

I'm hoping it will be cheap but knowing micro it won't be. I know some on the fence not really into fighters will be interested if the pricing is good but its irrelevant to me, I've seen enough to know I'm just going to get the full game instead of nickel and diming it.

loulou1820d ago

i dont think that this is rocket science..

i would say that the game will be full priced.

so, i would think that if you have 10 fighters to purchase, you will pay $6 dollars per fighter or $60.

if you have 20 fighters then $3. make sense??

SuperLupe1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Well I dont know how many characters are in the game but its very simple. The pricing will be such a way that it will cost cheaper to get the full game than buying one character at a time.

So if theres lets say 20 characters I guess they'll be more than 3$ per character. I'll go with 4$/5$ per character.

Also I think most people will just get the full game, the F2P version will serve as a demo for a lot of people I think. At least that's how I see it.

TheHybrid1820d ago

Oh look! Somebody who knows how to think! Unfortunately, you are a rare breed sir

dredgewalker1820d ago

I think it would be just better to let the KI with a single usable character be a demo instead and launch it as a full game. I can't believe how long it was since I play KI. It was hard to find that game in the arcades in my country.

Foxgod1820d ago

Yup true, i will buy the whole thing anyway.

CRAIG6671820d ago

Hopefully you can just buy the full game for a deal price

MasterCornholio1820d ago

Im pretty sure they will have a pack that contains all the characters at a discounted price for those who dont want to buy them individually.

LackTrue4K1820d ago

I'm thinking 10 bucks each....
And if you start with only one fighter, that means you only fight the same guy over and over?

SuperLupe1820d ago

Read the article. They say you can play the entire game, all the modes even online, against all the characters of the game but only with Jago if you're playing the "free to play" version.

BTW the dev says its more of an extended demo than a f2p game.

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nick3091820d ago

I wonder if theres any story mode in it ..or even arcade endings.

SuperLupe1820d ago

I know I'll be getting the full game out the gate. One of my most anticipated titles this year.

mcstorm1820d ago

I agree this and Forza 5 is my reason for getting the one over the PS4 1st as I want these 2 games the most.

HugoDrax1820d ago

Same here, I'm considering going all digital this gen with my PS4 and XB1 purchases. I like the convenience of browsing my digital purchases as I do on steam. Being able to switch between games without swapping disc, while also having access to my digital games library from any console (PS4 & XB1) will be an added bonus as well. No more disc errors, or cracked disc for me.

MariaHelFutura1820d ago

Hopefully it's priced right, f2p games can get carried away sometimes. Pricing is what is gonna determine the success of the f2p model on both consoles.

LaChance1820d ago

Get outta here man, we all know you loathe anything MS related. Post that comment in a PS4 F2P game thread.

MasterCornholio1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

The same could be said about PlanetSide 2, War Thunder, Warframe and DC Universe.

How do we know that the developers of these games wont inflate the prices of the content because its on a console?

Maria has an extremely good point here unlike you.

super_cuddles1820d ago

I've named 2 cats Jago since I was 12, one boy, one girl but they looked the same, man I must have loved that game, bring it back sabrewulf!

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