DayZ Standalone Isn't Ready Yet, But It Will Be Playable At GamesCom

So that “within a week” of an unspecified date has come and gone and now we're past the half-way point of July and gamers are still saying “Where's the DayZ standalone?” Well, Dean “Rocket” Hall took to Reddit to explain himself and engage with the fans a bit, which inevitably involved talking about when DayZ's standalone will arrive.

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Smoovekid1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Is there a release date set?

UnsEenAsianBeef1678d ago

Not yet Dean keeps hinting but hasn't set one yet

1677d ago
Einhert1677d ago

I really do not see why this title gets such hype, from the gameplay shown at E3 is still looked like the glitchy, buggy unpolished mess that the mod was.

The buggy Arma 2 engine with geometry glitches galore and the completely out of wack animations.

DayZ is a great concept but it needs some serious polish.

PurpHerbison1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Although I pretty much agree with you, the game can be extremely suspenseful at times. You might have to invest some time to get to those moments, but they are there so it almost makes up for the lack of polish.

Einhert1677d ago

Oh yeah I completely agree, when night sets in and you cannot see anything it is very suspenseful, never had anything like that since I played stalker.

Just if it could get some polish, I'm thinking they should have waited and used the arma III engine, it seems much better.

PurpHerbison1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Now on the other side of things, you can finally get to a really fun/suspenseful moment and have some game related issue completely ruin it. When I decide to play DayZ I always have to tell myself that there is a big chance I won't have any fun yet there is always that chance to have a lot of fun. Dying for that polish...

Blachek1677d ago

I suggest that anybody with XB Live who is interested in this game go download the arcade trial of State of Decay. Similar feel, although faster paced, and engrossing. Should provide yiu with some of your Zed fix.