'Wolfenstein: The New Order' is insane, funny and a great looking game - Examiner

Bethesda is bringing back the fan-favorite franchise of Wolfenstein, and with the newest installment in the series The New Order, there's so much to know. Many people are wondering if this installment will measure up to what the series has already established, but we got an early chance to find out more.

Destruction is the name of the game and Wolfenstein: The New Order has plenty of it.

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3-4-51825d ago

A new WW2 online FPS game ?

Yes please.

Am I the only one who is ready to move FPS games back to WW2 ?

Or at least go back to 1890 when there were like 40 different types of rifles and stuff.

CaptainYesterday1826d ago

Can't wait for this finally a new Wolfenstein game that actually looks really awesome!

Eldyraen1825d ago

My one complaint is it not going dark and occult like RtCW. It still looks good though but want to see some more solid gameplay.

As long as a game is good though I can accept almost anything.

Wni01825d ago

Just have it be an escape from prison like the first game, and not so damn arcadey.